Should I let my girl wear Fashion Nova?


Posted on Jul 31, 2023 by Adelina Bramwell

Delving Into the World of Fashion Nova

There's a popular saying that "clothes make the man". Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not just for the boys. The way we dress, the style we choose and the brands we wear are a visual autobiography of who we are. Biscuit, my ever-fashion-conscious British Shorthair cat, definitely agrees with this too (if only he could talk, he'd have quite a lot to say on this subject, I'm sure!). But today our focus lies on one brand that's been making headlines, rising faster than a popstar's chart ratings—Fashion Nova. Should I let my girl wear it? Now, that's the golden question. We're going to dive headfirst into understanding the brand, its impact, and what it could mean for your lovely girl to become a Fashion Nova enthusiast. Grab a cuppa, we're about to get stylin'!

The Glitz and Glitter of Fashion Nova

So, what's Fashion Nova? Imagine the dazzling runway of New York fashion week, the shimmering glitz of Hollywood, the allure of Instagram-worthy fashion photographs all rolled into one mega online fashion platform. Back in 2006, Fashion Nova started as a small fashion hub in Panorama City, Los Angeles. Fast forward to today, and it has become an online clothing juggernaut with over 20 million followers on Instagram. It has captured the hearts of the young and the old with its catchy, fashion-forward, and affordable designs.

What sets Fashion Nova apart is its 'quick fashion' mechanism. The team works tirelessly to ensure that designs go from the sketchpad to the online portal within two weeks. This means the latest celebrity or runway styles pop into your shopping cart faster than you can say "I love shopping". Now, that's a fashion fairy godmother for you! Moreover, significant Internet and celebrity influencers sporting their outfits have only added to their glittering reputation. Let's just say, your girl donning Fashion Nova would undoubtedly be on-trend, turning heads and racking up likes if they're into that sort of thing. A quick tip from down under; don’t overlook their Petite section, the diversity of their range is impressive.

Unveiling the Real Picture: The Controversies

As the saying goes, not everything that glitters is gold, and Fashion Nova has had its fair share of controversies. The brand has faced backlash concerning its working conditions, quality of clothes, and its alleged copying of independent designers' works. Moreover, as much as its quick fashion style keeps it relevant, it also fuels the already raging fire of fast fashion and its impact on the environment. It raises questions about sustainability and the wastage culture connected with out-of-trend clothing.

From a parent perspective, some of their clothing may come across as too mature or provocative for young girls. However, they do offer a wide variety so it’s really about navigating and selecting items that match your comfort and style guidelines. It’s similar to letting your child pick out a rated movie or novel. Sure, there might be some ‘R’ rated ones, but there’s also a selection of PG-13 and even G’s available. You just have to pour yourself an extra cup of patience to sift through. A key tip to remember: Know and respect your body and self-image, a lesson far more valuable than any fashion trend.

Deciding on Fashion Nova: A Melbourne Mum's Tale

Now, personal experiences always add a little spice, don’t they? Here’s mine with Fashion Nova. The other day, while Biscuit and I were enjoying our afternoon tea (he’s more into the milk and treats, of course), my teenage daughter came up to me with a glowing laptop screen occupied with Fashion Nova’s website. She wanted a new outfit for her upcoming school party. We spent hours scrolling through the website, and I must admit, some designs were fabulous!

But here’s what we did. We discussed it. We spoke about her choice, why she liked it, if it made her comfortable, and most importantly if it defined her. I believe that when it comes to making choices related to fashion or otherwise for our children, the key lies in discussion, understanding, and respect. It’s about teaching them to make informed decisions. Really, it all boils down to this: Your girl wearing Fashion Nova doesn’t just have to be about following trends, it can be about self-expression, responsible consumerism, and great mother-daughter bonding too! Now isn't that an Aussie way of reinventing fashion?

Final Verdict: To Nova or Not to Nova

In a world where the selfie culture is gaining ground and social media influencers make a significant impact, deciding whether your child should wear Fashion Nova is entirely subjective. What works for me here in the sunny 'burbs of Melbourne might not work for you. Nevertheless, I say, let's flip the script! Let's use this as an opportunity to educate our girls about responsible fashion. Let's discuss the implications of consumerism, the importance of expressing individuality over blind trend following, and the true essence of fashion —a medium to express, not to impress.

Now, excuse me while I get back to Biscuit, who's been eyeing my crisps suspiciously for a while now. His fashion sense might be top-notch, but his hunger pangs could use some work. Here’s hoping this article has given food for thought about the engaging topic of girls wearing Fashion Nova. Now, back to navigating the trend wagon and demystifying parenthood for us, one stylish step at a time!

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