Having a big family makes for the perfect afternoon, evening, or night party. Besides stuffing popcorn into everyone’s faces and filling them up with the most delicious holiday treats, why not hold a traditional party? You can announce a “backyard barbeque” in the corporate setting or use your own home as the venue for the best party the neighborhood has ever seen!

To begin planning, decide if you will be playing games, a family-style fare, or a theme-based party. When you choose a theme a bit of background information is necessary to carry your theme through.

For example, a Hawaiian theme can easily be introduced with the “Hawaiian Luau” decorations, pin the pineapples on the pineapples banner, and the delicious Hawaiian fare: Teriyaki Chicken and Kabob salads.

A vintage theme requires that all coats and hats be pulled up from the basement and taken to the backyard to be refastened. The highlight of the theme for this message is the classic Pom-pom Pettas. Think pom-pom centerpieces in the Edible Arrangement wedges, Apollo 13 cake pans with chocolate cakes displayed in faux colors, and the top is adorned with an Easter bunny!

You might decide to make a romantic indoor event. Set your tables with rich red and white linen, clean linen camisoles for the ladies and/or the gentlemen, and red doilies on the end tables and/or anywhere you can find tablecloths!

A barbeque or outdoor feast can be held in conjunction with any festivity. Up the ante with stilettos, balloons, and lots of festive musical fun for everyone to enjoy!

Decorating your home will be easier to accomplish with the multitude of decorations that are available today and can be found at Arts and crafts stores and good-sized party supply stores. Just remember that an abundance of decorations does not cost a fortune.

The process begins with a checklist.

While doing this checklist, it is important to buy only one item of each item:

  • Home d├ęcor:
  • Picture frame;
  • Such as Oriental lanterns- Wooden organizers & name card holders;
  • Banners, balloons, banners, streamers;
  • Centerpieces & gifts.

If your agenda will include parties, remember to include time for shopping, ordering samples, or even to just see what the competition offers. For the more casual event, there are many websites that offer great decorations and accessories at discount prices. If you do a little research the prices on the popular items can be quite reasonable.

Additional decor, changing the mood of the rooms, and adding the wrapped gifts

Anyone can usually do an invitation to the party. In this case, it can be used for a Bring Your Own Holiday Party or an Office Holiday Party. The decoration will be much less work and you will have ready some small mementos as souvenirs.

It is important to always provide a gift registry. At many venues, you can usually ask for the name, party theme, or a particular color or theme that you are looking for. Have this list available when sending out invitations for your specific party. This will usually eliminate any double booking.

At the first decision point, it is a good idea to layout the space in front of your door for gifts and for the party. Add to this space for the centerpiece if you are using one and for space for the rest of the night activities. Normally the event space is quite small. However, if you have a large group you can add more seating and more space for dancing and opening gifts.

If you are planning to use this space for a gift opening or gift tucking, it requires some creative placements of curling ribbon, bows, tissue, etc., along with some appropriate music. It is a great idea to use a professional event lighting company to install some low-power disco balls and bright, colored lights. However, if you do not have an event lighting company, or you decide to do it yourself, it is not difficult to set up a situation where this is possible.

A great solution is to purchase an inflatable admission form that you can fill with goodies and insert into space. And then after the party, you take the ticket home and give it to the birthday person as a party favor!

Children’s parties will be a lot easier to plan multiple activities for, as, for example, if you have an army theme. The menus will need to include hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, nachos, and such, as well as cake and ice cream. There are many great children’s party planning websites available.

How to Choose a Theme For Your Holiday Party

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