Most people will have styles of content in their kitchen, some have a garage and some have a pantry. If you didn’t get the pantry organized then the meal you prepared would probably be undercooked or sometimes not even edible. Understanding how you have made your pantry food storage system work will help you to get your entire household eating and drinking. The pantry is a key tool in the kitchen and should be used as the heart of the kitchen.

At the core of any pantry is a good-quality food storage system. Off-of-the-shelf foods for the most part are extremely expensive and, generally, not of the highest quality. So buying packaged food that is of inferior quality to store-bought items can cost a fortune and without quality organization, your money for food would be wasted and used for other things only.

Go through your pantry and by the most used items in the first tier of the organization, have a look at the foods that are more expensive or have a higher price tag. The least expensive fillings to purchase are grains, fats (like butter and small amounts of olive Oil)country girl snacks,095 grains of flour, and rice. To save even more money by purchasing a few verification packets from the pantry, buy flour, then check with the local flour milling to determine if they still sell the dried flour you purchased.

For fillings in the lower tier, when you think of your pantry the foods you need most maybe in this lower tier. Carried items that can be bought from the moment and are not needed after the meal is prepared would be things like pasta, rice, relieves, cereal, snacks, flour, and sugar

The most important things to have in the pantry are plastic containers. They are inexpensive and will let you make a quick get-together with just the containers. Adding plastic containers to your pantry will let you rid yourself of the clutter and waste that come from throwing vegetables in a lower-level container or those mixed items that get caught onto a corner of a container as you reach for the flour grain or mixer’s powder.

If metal is not felled in your pantry or if the pantry space looks small, it may be best to get a clear locking pail rather than a transparent can. To get bulk products in the drop-in containers, such as cereal, it is best to get a 3-tier pyramid container rather than an individual portion measuring only one size.

A few ideas to get you a creative idea on what you can do with your space:

-Water – boil some water for every meal.

  • ingredient or grocery item storage – store dry groceries in plastic containers or use glass jars or old paint cans.

-Ice – cut daily using a cutting knife or a blender.

  • Encapsulation Equipment- store vegetables and fruit for an extended period of time.
  • Flaxseed oil – store the flax seed beginning in October and it can be used as an oil change for breakfast meals.
Pantry Food Storage

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