Mar 17, 2016

Talitha Joy {eight + nine months}

It's official. I forgot to write up Talitha's eight month stats last month! It was bound to happen eventually. I am tempted to try to remember everything and get it recorded, but let's be honest... the past few months have been a blur, so it makes sense that her 8 and 9 month update should be blurred together too. Here it goes...

Growing // We had Talitha's well check last week. She is 21 pounds, 8 ounces and 28 2/4 inches long. 90-95th percentile in every category.

Eating // T dropped a mid-day feeding in the past few weeks, so she is down to nursing four times a day - around 8am, 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm. She is getting tired of purees (even when I let her feed herself a pouch) and just wants to eat table food like the rest of the family. I started giving her meat a few weeks ago, so she pretty much eats anything except honey, peanut butter, etc.!

Wearing // Talitha is wearing 18 month footie pajamas and we are starting to rotate in the rest of her 18 month clothes. I have tons of cute stuff in storage in this size, and I'm excited to see her wear it all.

Doing // Crawling quickly, almost always up on all fours now... she's over the army crawl. Climbing the top three stairs... eek! Pulling up on everything. Saying "mamama," "dadada," and "bababa." And she just started clapping this past weekend. Adorable!

Loving // Eating solids, drinking from a straw, wrestling, daycare {she's gotten used to it... praise!}

Loathing // Having her diaper or clothing changed. She cry/whines every single time.

Nicknames // Talitha Bean, T-Bean, Bean, The Bean, Beanie Baby (see a trend?), T-Monster, Sissy.

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