Mar 7, 2016

Dear Talitha {eight months}

Dear Talitha,

The other night, after we put you girls to bed, your dad looked at me as we cleaned up the toy eruption and said, "I never thought having two girls could be this much fun." My heart swelled with joy. For some reason, I've always been {wrongfully} worried that your dad would get bored in a house full of girls. Like he wouldn't be fulfilled if he didn't have a son to wrestle and play football with.

You came along last summer and the girliness around our house multiplied. More bows, more flowers, matching dresses for you and your sister. My entire Instagram feed is now pink. I was afraid your dad would be disappointed by this, but instead he has embraced it whole-heartedly. He helps your sister learn ballet, and he doesn't like you to wear blue in case someone mistakes you for a boy when he takes you out and about. He loves having "his girls..." all three of us.

I should have known your dad would love having a bunch of girls to play with and dote on and cherish with his whole heart. But you can't always know these things in advance. Thank you for being our second daughter, the little sister, and the smiling baby who dresses like "twins" with Zianne when we go to church or parties. We didn't know two girls could be so much fun, but it's been the best surprise of our lives.


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  1. Cheri RUSSUM3/9/16, 6:00 AM

    This post makes my heart swell with joy, too!

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