Jun 8, 2015

Sneaking off to San Diego...

I've heard rumors you are supposed to adhere to certain travel restrictions during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I think most doctors recommend not flying after the 34-36 week window. I've also heard that you shouldn't travel more than an hour away from your home/hospital after 37 weeks...

However, I haven't followed any of these suggestions this time around. Since the beginning of May, Micah and I have been cramming our schedule full of travel. We are living by the motto, "It will only be more difficult with two kids, right?" Every Friday I go in for my weekly OB appointment then sneak out the door of my doctor's office to jump in the car with Micah and Zianne and head out on our next adventure.

We decided to take a last minute trip to San Diego for Memorial Day weekend, and I'm so glad we went. Originally, Micah was supposed to a service/project trip to Mexico but the trip ended up getting canceled so we packed up as a family and headed to the West Coast instead. I was able to see a handful of friends around Southern California, and we enjoyed San Diego's nearly perfect weather. The surfing conditions weren't great, but Micah made the most of his time on the water by going stand-up paddle boarding on Mission Bay and boogie boarding in La Jolla. He also got to try out another wake board cable park on the way home, similar to the one he visited in Austin a few weeks back.

We stayed with our good friends Jason and Bekah, who were the loveliest hosts as always. They insisted we sleep in their bed and moved to an air mattress all weekend on our behalf. A million thanks from this very pregnant woman. Bekah made her amazing fish tacos the night we arrived, and we sat around catching up and watching a very tired Zianne do erratic toddler things in the living room. The next day we spent the morning at Mission Bay, watching the guys SUP and eating breakfast burritos. Bekah and I visited the Farmer's Market in Little Italy, which I had never been to before. We topped off our trip to the market with some amazing gelato. That night we celebrated Bekah's birthday at La Pizzeria Arrivederci, and then we went over to Coronado Island {my favorite place in the USA - not exaggerating} to watch the sun set.

On Sunday, we attended The Resolved Church and then met up with my dear friend Lisa and her daughter for lunch in Solana Beach. The small beach towns between Orange County and San Diego are so quaint and relaxing and Solana Beach was no exception. We ate at Cedro's Cafe and then visited the Farmer's Market where we snacked on fresh kettle corn and drank fresh squeezed lemonade. On our way back down the coast, we stopped by La Jolla. Micah spent some time on his beater board, and then we ate fish and chips for dinner. On the way back to Bekah's, we visited Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream for dessert. This pregnant woman can't resist a freshly made waffle cone.

And in true Jen fashion, I visited a different coffee shop each day of the trip...
Industrial Coffee // Mystic Mocha // Lestat's

San Diego, we love you so much!

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  1. Ashleigh6/8/15, 10:37 PM

    I am glad you all enjoyed your last minute trip to San Diego! I love the photos... Looks like you all had a blast :)

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