Jan 23, 2015

January Goals

I know it's nearly the end of the month, but since I spent so long reflecting on my long-term goals for this year, it's taken me a while to get these listed. I have been working on this list behind the scenes though. :)

This is how I'm breaking my BIG YEARLY GOALS {honor, prayer, family, rest, write, home} into small steps each month:

Note to Micah {honor}
Monthly encouragement note {honor}
Date with Zianne {honor/family}
Pray to the Spirit to show honor {honor}
Make prayer journal {prayer}
Write in prayer journal {prayer}
Record prayer answers {prayer}
Prayer for Zianne and Baby #2 {prayer}
Sentence prayers in car {prayer}
Memorize Romans 8:9-11 {honor/prayer}
Make list of date ideas {family}
Date night with Micah {family}
Clean out recipe binder {family}
Read one book for fun {rest}
Weekly social event with a girlfriend {rest}
Pray about rest {rest}
Enroll Zianne in school {write}
One hour/300 words per day of dissertation writing {write}
Four hour/1000 word writing day each week {write}
Blog at least once a week {rest/write}
Clean out living room {home}
Clean out toys {home}
Organize Zianne's 18 month clothing {home}

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