May 31, 2014

Saturday Snippets

{via Rifle Paper Co.}

I am obsessing over this wallpaper and trying to convince Micah to let me paper the back wall in our family room.

I just bought this comfy striped tee. Do you know if you purchase anything from Piperlime, all items in your GAP, Inc. {Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy} shopping carts ship for free?

A new mac and cheese recipe to try. Quirk about me... I love making homemade macaroni and cheese.

Love this post on organizing your spiritual life. Nancy's heart echoes my own, especially in the section on reading Scripture.

I'm considering doing a snack subscription service like Nature Box or Graze, because I seriously struggle with eating consistently when I'm home all day. Have you tried either of these companies? Any feedback on whether or not it's worth it?

May 28, 2014

The Truth about Traveling with a Baby...

This weekend Zianne and I made a quick jaunt to Texas. Our main reason for the trip was to attend an academic conference in San Antonio. I was selected to speak on a panel about the rhetorics of motherhood. It sounds fancier than it is, but nonetheless it's a big conference in my field, so off we went, me and my eight month old travel companion, because she's the one that gives me authority to speak on the rhetoric of mothers.

But you know I couldn't get within a few hundred miles of my sister and my best friends without stopping to see them too. So our four days in Texas included three major cities... First, San Antonio for the conference. Second, Austin to see my sister. Third, Fort Worth to see my college best friends. I am forever grateful to my friend, Kristin, who drove from Fort Worth to San Antonio {about a four hour trek} to pick us up from the airport and personally escort us all around the great state of Texas for the weekend. A million smooches to her from Z and me.

If you haven't heard yet, my baby is a gem. She is seriously an extra sweet gift from God. She rarely cries or fusses. She's a great sleeper. She hasn't encountered a food she doesn't like. She smiles and waves at strangers on command. I seriously think God gave her to me as a giggly, pudgy message that I can, indeed, finish my PhD program after having a child. But here's the thing about traveling with a baby. It is hard. Even when the baby is of the sweet Zianne Eileen category. I'm glad that I've gone on a number of trips with her, and I'm thankful she's proven to be a flexible traveler so far, and I know traveling with children from the start pays off in the long run because they adapt well to different settings, etc. But whoooosh.... it is tiring. And on this particular trip, Zianne was battling some type of virus. I hurried her to the pediatrician hours before we left to discover she had an ear infection in addition to the whole cough/snot thing going on in her chest and sinuses. We picked up her meds on the way the airport and for the next two nights we slept in the same room where she made a wailing sound every time she rolled over. She never woke up, but I did. Every. Single. Time. She finally started feeling better about halfway through our trip, but she greeted every friend with snot running out of her nose and became hysterical if I tried to wipe it off. She really is a gem, I promise. She just has strong opinions about having her nose wiped.

Anyway... back to my point. I'm not complaining. I'm thankful my baby traveled like a champ despite not feeling well. I felt a little guilty all weekend as we toted her all around. In the car. Out of the car. Makeshift crib. Loud restaurant. Twisted car seat strap. Skipped nap. Skipped nap. Skipped nap. But you know what? It was worth it. It's worth it to teach her how to be flexible. It's worth it to visit fun places will a baby perched on my hip. And it's so, so worth it to see Zianne interact with friends and family all over the world who love her so much. But y'all. I'm tired. I'll be in recovery mode the rest of the week.

Teaching Zianne to "Remember the Alamo"...

Yes, I got to see Ruthie!

May 24, 2014

Saturday Snippets

{via un-fancy}

Eyeing these jeans on super sale {Wit+Wisdom is my favorite brand for skinny jeans} and these sandals... and maybe these sandals too...

My new favorite blog where style and minimalism meet. Read this post and this post and download the planner here.

Top ten reasons to memorize big chunks of the Bible...

This lovely lady makes the best book lists...

Marriage never gets better on accident...

The REAL breastfeeding scandal...

May 20, 2014

Keyword Analysis

These are the terms people typed into a search engine that led them to my blog. The moral of the story is... people on the Internet are CRAZY. Read past Keyword Analysis posts HERE.

Jenna's tubes... Excuse me?

Recipe for Cinnamon Schlog... No thank you. I looked up this recipe, and it really does not exist as far as I can tell.

Pregnant 39 weeks grandmother... Unless you are Sarah or Elizabeth in the Bible, this kind of thing is not supposed to happen.

Lois Law broccoli cheese soup... I figured Lois Law must be an Iron Chef or something. Since we don't have cable I don't know much about famous people in the cooking world. But I googled this and officially still have no idea who Lois is...

Baby Turkish... I know this stems from Micah calling Zianne "Turkish Delight" but what in the world is baby Turkish? I googled this too, and the pictures are pretty cute. Who knew Turkish children were so adorable?

Smelly hipster feet... Phoenix is the hipster capital of the world after all.

Signs above doors at Walmart... Okay, now I'm slightly curious, but please don't make me go to Walmart to investigate...

43 weeks pregnant... Ouch.

May 17, 2014

Saturday Snippets

dark grey master bedroom
{via The Nester}

Love the part in this post about truly confronting Scripture when it confuses us...

On loving the unlovely. So convicting...

I've been here, in the place where the end and the beginning meet. Just exchange the back patio for the fireplace in my parent's basement...

Love this post on how worldly work pairs with heavenly ministry...

This gorgeous bedroom makes me want to paint the wall behind our bed a dark color so our white upholstered headboard will really pop!

This is the Gospel...

I particularly liked the third piece of wisdom in this piece about inviting spontaneity...

I think memorizing long passages of Scripture is extremely beneficial, but I'm not particularly good at it. I just bought this eBook for 99 cents to help me out!

You know I love a good birth article. I particularly like the information about the success of VBACs and the real length of pregnancy. That's why I didn't sweat it at all when I went to my 41 week prenatal visit with Z.

May 14, 2014

Finish This...

This game is called "Finish This," and all you have to do is finish the following prompts and link up your post below! You can also visit the other hosts of this party on their fun blogs: Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {Coastlined}, and Becky {The Java Mama}.

Two lessons I learned from my mom... are to drop everything else to help someone in need {she's more of a natural than I am, but I'm working on it} and that there's nothing better than getting lost in a good book. {P.S. I'm currently reading this... but I only recommend it if you like Ann Voskamp, because the writing style is very similar.}

To burn calories, I... run three miles three days a week, like clockwork. I get crabby if I miss a run, so I never do, unless we are traveling. On vacation I never run... and I love it.

My best hair day was... my wedding day. I told my stylist I wanted my hair as BIG as possible and she delivered.

I am grateful for... so many things, but just by looking at this post I'll say my mom who babysits Zianne regularly for me, my healthy, strong legs, and my husband. You can read about some other things I'm thankful for in yesterday's post.

Prompts for next week:
My favorite recipe is...
I believe in...
I need to set boundaries...
I began living when...

An InLinkz Link-up

May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

I'm so thankful for getting to dedicate Zianne at our church on Mother's day. I'm thankful for the grace lavished upon us to raise her in a godly home and for the grace that will cover us when we mess up as parents a thousand times and then some. I'm thankful for the friends and family who came to watch her dedication and for those who couldn't be there that day but will be there in the days to come to love our family and encourage us as parents. I'm thankful to stand beside some of our very best friends and pledge to raise our children {born six days apart!} in Gospel truth and love. I'm thankful for my fellow mom friends... and for questions and encouragements sent over text messages about pumping and solid foods and vaccinations and which outfit flatters a postpartum body the best. I'm thankful for my husband, for loving me and our daughter unfailingly. And I'm thankful for a daughter to love... for her constant smiles and her always-waving hands and for all she has taught me about joy and love in her short seven months in this world.

May 12, 2014


Sabbath-ing with our dear friends. We walked to lunch together after church, snuggled their newest babe, 
and got a guitar serenade from the world's most adorable two year old.

Last day of class for the semester! I always bring my students donuts to celebrate. 
Also, my mom and I dressed like twins that day. Good thing she doesn't go to work with me.

Since school is out, we were able to meet dad for lunch. Zianne didn't like the big pink chair, 
but she was quickly consoled when Micah let her try macaroni and cheese for the first time.

We went to the zoo for the first time as a family this weekend. Z and I have been twice before, 
but this is the first time she stayed awake for most of the adventure!

Having fun with dad in our 74 degree pool. Notice that mom did not get in the water. 

Z and her boys in the baby containment unit {BCU}. We're thinking she's a natural at the piano.

Snuggles on mama's bed... always.

Brunch with girl friends and out to a movie with my mama friend!

We three Russums.

Got to sneak out to a very impromptu date night. Micah found out he had free tickets to a Diamondback's game around 3pm, and by 6:30pm we were downtown at the stadium. This is one of the many perks of having Micah's sister live with us!

Hallelujah! Zianne's nursery is finished. You can see it here!

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