Dec 15, 2014

Zianne's Rockin' Robin 1st Birthday Party

So Zianne turned one! {It happened nearly three months ago, but please disregard that fact...} We actually threw her two birthday parties, one in Washington while visiting family, and one in Arizona, which was a joint party with her twin-friends, Aaron and Seth.

The funny thing is that her party in Washington took place on a perfectly sunny Sunday afternoon. The weather was nearly 80 degrees, which is rare for the Pacific Northwest almost anytime of the year. The funnier thing is that it POURED down rain for her Arizona party. I'll share more details later, but just imagine flash flooding, the park venue for the party closing down, and hosting the gathering at our house at the last minute despite the fact that our roof was leaking. This, too, is very rare for the desert we now call home.

But back to the sunny party... I decided Zianne should have a "Rockin' Robin" party in honor of her very favorite song and all the oldies dance parties we had during her first year of life. The girl has moves. I bought Zianne a poodle skirt from Etsy, found some old 45s at a local record shop, and commissioned the cutest robin sugar cookies from a Seattle bakery. We invited friends and family over to Micah's mom's house for a lunch of pizza and cupcakes, before watching the Seahawks beat the Broncos during Z's afternoon nap.

We started the celebration with a dance party to Z's favorite tune, which she loved, and the party ended with Zianne eating cupcake crumbs off her own body during her post-cake-smash bath. I'd say the day was a success!

Invitation by Sweet Hammer Press


  1. Nicole M. Hutchison12/15/14, 9:43 AM

    Oh. My. Stars. Jen, this party is adorable and absolute perfection!!!!! I love the theme, so unique and creative, and Miss Z is precious -- as always. What a fun party for a very special little girl, what a blessing she is. :)

  2. Barbara Mantell12/15/14, 9:44 AM

    Soo cute!!! Love all the decorations too:)

  3. Rebekah Gilley12/15/14, 5:13 PM

    How fun!! The poodle skirt is to die for!!!

    Z with her hand on your cheek - oh my word!!! What a fun party!

  4. Jagger Noas1/1/15, 3:59 AM

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