Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Worth It: Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, don't worry. That's what Amazon Prime is for. Here are suggestions for the baby in your life. I would recommend these products for the 6-18 month age range. Although we have a lot of toys at our house, these are the tried and true ones that Zianne continues to play with consistently week after week.

V-tech Walker - As soon as a baby is pulling up to standing, this a great toy to help get them walking. The front side is full of fun buttons that make noise and Zianne will play with it for consecutive minutes, which is a LONG time in toddler world.

Fisher Price Rings and Blocks Bundle - These are classic toys to have on hand and are helpful for teaching colors and shapes. We also have the xylophone, which Zianne loves to play.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - This is one of the first toys Zianne liked as a baby. She learned how to push the button to change the song at a very early age, but she still enjoys turning it on and dancing to it now that she can boogie on her own two feet.

Musical Flashlight - Another musical toy that teaches colors. You can't go wrong with these.

If you're feeling generous - We have one of these {scored from Craigslist} and Zianne loves to drive it across the living room or sometimes just push it around like it's a walker. She also has learned to open up the seat and the hood and stick her toys inside.

First Words Flashcards - This is Zianne's very FAVORITE toy. She started looking at these cards and touching their textured pictures when she was only seven or eight months old. Now she will dump them out and sort them on her own. She can say the words on over half the cards and she can identify almost all of them if you ask her. For example: "Z, where is the tractor?" I cannot recommend these cards enough. We also have the numbers cards and we just bought the colors ones to give Zianne for Christmas.

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