Friday, October 17, 2014

Digging Deep: Resources for You

Over the next week or two I'm going to show you a method I've been using to study the Bible deeply this past year. My method is a combination of a few different methods, including some of the ones listed below. I customized a study plan that works great for me, and I'm excited to share it with you in detail.


Until then, here are a few other resources for studying the Bible deeply...

Precepts Inductive Bible Studies - These are the gold standard of Inductive Bible Studies. I was trained using this method in college, and I've never looked at the Bible the same way since. These studies will ask you to analyze the Bible more deeply than you ever have before by circling verbs, looking at tense and pronouns, and making all sorts of observations that seem minute but have great meaning. For example, it tells us repeatedly in the Bible that Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father {Luke 22:69}, but do you know when  a believer dies He actually stands for them as their advocate to welcome them into heaven {Acts 7:56}?

Look at the Book - This is a new video series by John Piper where he takes you through an in-depth Bible study. Instead of watching him preach, you actually watch his hand mark up the text of a Bible passage and you hear him explain his observations of the text. He is currently going through Romans 8 and it is awesome.

Bible Study Fellowship International  - I've never done BSF, but I've heard it's a great resource if you want to study the Bible deeply in community. BSF Bible studies exist all over the world, and there are probably a few to choose from in your community. Most of the classes are 30 weeks long and will go through one book of the Bible.

Gospel in Life - Tim Keller has a number of studies available. You do have to pay for them, but they are very affordable. Most of them work well for groups but can also be done individually. Some of them are topical but most of them go through a book of the Bible. I've done "Living in a Pluralistic Society: Judges, Daniel, and Joseph" and it was great.

Read the rest of the Digging Deep series here...


Barbara Mantell said...

I love Precept studies:) It's the best way to read/study the Bible! I went to BSF for 6 years but found myself frequently frustrated at its works oriented curriculum and teaching. I am not in an IBS class right now, since I am usually in MX, but when I read the Bible I am in the routine of looking for repeated words, emphases, outlining where God/HolySpirit/ Jesus is referenced etc. I love reading the Bible this way- my goal being to KNOW GOD more deeply, not to learn how to improve my "self". Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your posts, and enjoy them greatly:)

Barbara Mantell said...

Thank you:)