Monday, October 6, 2014

Digging Deep: One Minute

If I could encourage you to start anywhere, I'd tell you to start where I did. With a small goal. One minute a day.

It's so small that it seems insignificant. But if you haven't gotten into the habit of reading the Bible daily, one minute is more significant than you know.

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One minute says two things... First it says to the Lord, "I am weak. I am needy. On my own, I lack the discipline to be in your Word. I know your Word is good, yet I do not read it. I have sinned, Lord." By claiming a goal of one minute, you are taking a posture of humility before the Lord. You aren't striving for a chapter or ten minutes or thirty because you know your own shortcomings.

But at the same time, a goal of one minute also says to Lord, "I desire you. I want to know you more. One minute in the Word is better than all those days I left my Bible untouched on the shelf. I know I can't do it alone Lord, but I trust you will give the discipline to draw near you each day. I trust that You will make the minute fruitful. That you will transform me. And that, perhaps, one day the minute will turn into many more, and that at the end of my life I will be a person who has spent hours, days, and years being changed by Your Word."

One minute is both humble and hopeful. I promise the Lord can use 60 seconds. He surely did for me...

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