Thursday, October 30, 2014

Digging Deep: Just Ask

I thought I would wrap up this series by asking you, reader friends, if you have any questions. I was prompted to write about Bible reading  after a number of you asked about my own Bible study habits on Instagram. I hope this series offered you some sound wisdom, practical tips for studying the Bible on your own, and encouragement as you seek to know God better through His Word.

But I know I can't cover the topic of personal Bible reading exhaustively in twenty or thirty blog posts, so if you still have questions, please let me know in the comments below. Do you keep running into some kind of roadblock with your study time? Let's talk about it. Are you overwhelmed with choosing a plan? Let's discuss why a certain plan might be best for you. Are you still trying to figure out a spot in your schedule for Bible time since your child wakes up at 5am? Let's troubleshoot. Is there any topic or burning question you have about the Bible or some Bible study method that I didn't cover. I'd love to write more. Really, any questions or topics are up for discussion.

Ask away...

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