Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Digging Deep: How the homiletic method works for me

I love the homiletic method because it's so adaptable to any lifestyle. Since it's so easily broken up into small portions, it's easy to press on with studying the Word, even on those crazy, tired mornings after the baby woke up three times in teething pain in the middle of the night.


On a normal morning, I will spend about 15-20 minutes doing my study. I will read the passage a few times if I'm just starting a new section, or I will write my passage facts for 5-10 verses if I'm in the middle of studying a passage. After I study, I am trying to get better about having a focused time of prayer {often by writing in my prayer journal}.

On crazy mornings when I have less than ten minutes to be in the Word {and sometimes less than five}, I will simply re-read the ten verses I'm studying once or twice. Even if I'm technically on one of the later steps such as application, I will pause for the day, re-read the section, and simply take a grace day to meditate further on the passage instead of forcing myself to continue with the detailed writing part of the study. 

If I'm going on a short trip, I often slow down my studying while I'm away from the house. Instead of packing my huge Bible, notebook, and pen when I travel, I simply bring my small Bible {or just use my phone} and reread the passage I'm currently studying each day that I'm gone. If I'm going on a longer trip I will bring all my supplies, but if I'm just traveling for a weekend, I'll use the time to meditate on the passage by reading it over and over again.

And then of course there are the fabulous mornings where I wake up extra early or the baby sleeps late, and I find myself with an hour to be in the Word. On these mornings I might write out all my passage facts, my three main points, and my passage summary all in one sitting. If I'm in the application stage. I might write out a prayer or journal a bit, and perhaps even write a blog post about what I'm learning or share some of my notes on Instagram. Sometimes, I'll even add onto my study process. For example, once I finished all of Romans 8, I wrote out three main takeaways for the entire chapter because my brain and heart needed a good conclusion after studying such a powerful passage of the Bible. When I was studying Galatians 5, I decided to do a word study {using Strong's Concordance online} to better understand the Fruit of the Spirit.{For example, did you know the fruit of "faithfulness" doesn't have to do with our faith in God, but instead means that we are reliable and trustworthy to those around us?}

It is all grace, dear friend. On the days when we are gifted an extra long time to be in the Word, it is grace. On the chaotic mornings when we can only glance at a verse or two, it is grace. What matters is your obedience. We are commanded to study Scripture, but every day and every season might look a bit different. There is no one right way to do it, but the homiletic method has helped me to press on with studying the Bible deeply and has increased my love for the Author of the Book.

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