Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Digging Deep: Homiletic Method {Part I}


The method I've been using to study the Bible this year is a homiletic method. I like it because it allows me to emphasize both the content of Scripture and its applications for my life as I study. Basically, this method remains very focused on the text itself {which is best, because that's where the truth is}, but it's not quite as detailed as an inductive Bible study where you are circling, underlining, and defining almost every word. At the end of the homiletic method, you make a summary of the main point of the passage and apply its principles to your own life, but you only do this after you have studied the text line by line, so you aren't likely to take Scripture out of context to suit your own desires.

The method is based on the word "homily" which basically means "sermon." The process is similar to what pastors do if you go to a church that preaches through the Bible book by book. The pastor will study the text closely, usually focusing on ten or so verses at a time, and then come up with a few key points and some application questions to help the congregation prod their hearts and change their lives to keep in line with what Scripture says.

Basically, the homiletic method is not quite as detailed or time-consuming as an Inductive Bible Study, which can be helpful if you are just easing into deep study for the first time {or if you have a baby in the house and have limited amounts of time to study the Word}, but it's far more text-based than doing a topical study or a devotion, which means you are allowing God's powerful Word to work in you and teach you, and you are less likely to interpret the Bible incorrectly since you are studying it verse by verse. The homiletic method has been perfect for me in this season of life, and I hope it helps many of you dig deep into the Word as well.

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