Monday, October 27, 2014

Digging Deep: Homiletic Method {Part V - Wrap Up}

Here is one more example of the homiletic method from a different passage of the Bible. I've included every step in one post this time, so hopefully it's easier for you to get a sense of the process. For more details, see previous Digging Deep posts.


Romans 8:18-25

Content List: Put each verse into your own words. These are your "passage facts."

18. Our present suffering, though real, is not worth comparing to our future glory.
19. Creation waits for its redemption too.
20. Creation was subjected to decay by man's sin.
21. Creation will be set free from corruption when men are glorified by God.
22. Creation groans in expectation of this.
23. Although we've received the Spirit, believers still groan inwardly for glorification.
24. Part of being saved means hoping for our future redeemed bodies.
25. We wait patiently for God's salvation promises that we cannot yet see.

Content Divided: Three main points from the passage.

1. Our present suffering is minuscule when compared to the future glory promised to us by God.
2. Creation waits for redemption too, and one day the earth will be a more beautiful, productive place.
3. As believers, we should eagerly await the redemption of our bodies.

Content Summarized: A one sentence summary of the entire passage

*Although man and creation suffer and decay now, both eagerly await the day they will be fully redeemed and glorified by the Lord.

Content Principle: An overall piece of truth gleaned from the passage

*Even in the face of hardship or suffering, we have great hope in Christ.

Content Application: Thought-provoking questions to aid you in examining your heart and life

1. How can I "set my mind" on future glory during tribulation? 

 - Offer a prayer of thanksgiving
 - Memorize Scripture on my future glory
 - Harness my tongue from speaking out loud; instead, preach gospel truth to myself inwardly

2. How can I bring hope to others when they face trial or conviction?
 - Assure them of their identity in Christ if they are believers
 - OR share the Gospel with them if they don't know Jesus
 - Intentionally speak encouragement... tell them there is hope and why there is hope

Application Meditation: A prayer, journaling, art, or some other form of worship to help you meditate on the truth you learned in the passage

Help me apply these truths. Teach me how to set my mind on the Spirit when I am tempted, tired, or in trial. Harness my tongue and teach my mind to dwell on the hope I have in Jesus and the promises of Your Word. As these truths seep into my heart and mind, let me use my hope to encourage others. May the hope I have in Christ spill over in the form of gentle words that bring healing, peace, joy, and strength to others.
In Jesus' name,


Tamara @ The Workout Mama said...

Loved love love this series! Thank you!

Christy said...

Can't wait to try out this method! Thank you for sharing so diligently!