Thursday, October 2, 2014

Digging Deep: By the Grace of God

I've had many people, especially moms of littles, ask me how I make time to study Scripture every day. The short answer is this…

By the grace of God.

The essentials... hot tea, fresh flowers, God's Word.

On my own accord would I roll out of bed bleary-eyed an hour before my baby to make sure I have time to read the Bible? Is it in my human nature to push aside my to do list and all the tasks of my day and make sure time in the Word is my number one priority? Do I naturally love reading a book that was written thousands of years ago that is sometimes hard to understand?

The answer to all these questions is no. In my flesh, I don't want to get up early. I don't love reading through Leviticus. And I have lots of things to do and I'm not always disciplined enough to do them in order of eternal importance. If it were up to my sinful nature, I'd rather be caught up on laundry than caught up on my Bible reading. I'd rather read a blog than read the minor prophets.

But that's where God intervenes. I love the Bible because of his grace, not because of my own strength or discipline or will.

And the good news is that means YOU can learn to love the Bible too. The same grace that has led me to delight in His word is the same grace that is extended to you. It's not about checking boxes or summoning the willpower on your own. It's about a God who wants you to fall deeply in love with him and his word. He wants you to love scripture and he can change your heart so that you do.

Do you believe God and His Holy Spirit could change your heart so much that you are deeply, madly in love with his Word? That you would delight to spring from your bed before the sun in order to meet him in his book that is a gift to you? Do you believe that you could love scriptures so much that you would meditate on them, memorize them, study them, obey them, and share them without a sense of drudgery, but with a spirit of joy?

That's what this series is about. It's about love, not about the law of the to do list. It's about grace, not about the power to get things done. Mostly it's about a gift... the gift of his Word wrapped up in leather and wispy thin pages, offered to you every single day.

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Julie said...

oh, I like your topic. thanks for sharing your heart and what you have learned along the way!