Jul 23, 2014

Four Years

In past years, when Micah and I celebrated our anniversary, I would write these thoughtful posts on marriage. Those days were good. But these days are better. These days I have no time for thoughtful posts. I just have a smiley, chubby baby, a home to manage, and a husband to love. I have diapers to change, meals to plan, and a full load of schoolwork that I juggle each day. And Micah is there through it all. He provides for our family, plays with our daughter, and tries to lighten my load as often as he can. We laugh, we fight, we sneak in date nights when we can. The days aren't glamorous, but they are glorious. This marriage is the best evidence we have to show the world God's glory - to show a love the persists in the mundane, in the messy, in the silly, in the serene. A love that fights, forgives, perseveres, and serves. I'm thankful for four years in the books and eager to see God's goodness and glory in the years to come.

My blue top: LOFT Striped Henley Shell {sold out online, but on sale in stores}
My red dress: Old Navy
Hotel recommendation: Hotel Valley Ho


  1. Veronica Lee Burns7/24/14, 10:44 AM

    Your sweet and simple message at the top made me tear up! This is precious and it makes me look forward to that part if our lives... One day far away

  2. Beth @ The Goad Abode7/26/14, 6:29 PM

    So sweet! Happy 4 years, you two! I

    totally understand the feeling of a love that persists in the messy and mundane :) Who needs glamorous?

  3. Heather7/29/14, 4:41 PM

    sweet, simple post.

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