Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear Zianne {eight months}

Dear Zianne,

Sometimes I tell you that you're my favorite little human...

I'll look down at you and I can suddenly see past your chubby cheeks and chunky thighs and your asymmetrical seven teeth and instead see a little person blossoming out of a baby's body. A person with feelings and preferences and unique abilities. Each day your baby body grows more agile, and although you can't crawl yet, you've learned to sit and roll and thrust your body toward the toys you want. You reach eagerly for the extra fuzzy pillows and blankets, and you proudly hold your weight up when we help you stand. You just figured out pointing all on your own, and your index finger tells us that you like your aunt, the TV, and the picture frames hanging on the wall.

And your mind is developing even faster than your body. You have opinions about hot car seats {not a fan} and favorite toys {striped sock monkey, please}. You have a favorite song {"Rockin' Robin"} and favorite activities {singing, dancing, and eating Puffs}. You love people, and you like to wave and smile and interact at all times.

I love having you as my little baby, but I can't ignore that your body stretches out a bit more each day. With every ounce of weight you gain, you also acquire new abilities and new sounds, and you learn to express yourself in new ways. You are still a baby, but you are transforming into a person before my eyes. My favorite little human, to be exact...


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Bek said...

Jen, she is adorable! What a great way to record memories and thoughts in the phase, and what amazing arm rolls! :D

jessi bridges said...

I love all the open mouth pictures!! THE best. Isn't it so funny to watch their personalities? And their VERY strong opinions? Eli is very vocal about his favorite slippers (the race car ones, obviously), his favorite sunglasses and that he has to always have his blanket on top of his head when we're at home. Silly kiddos.