Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dear Zianne {seven months}

Dear Zianne,

We have what I like to call a "two inch" relationship, which means we are in each other's faces all the time. You don't mind people getting up close and personal with you, least of all me, your mother. Between breastfeeding, laughing, and smooches, we are pretty much near each other all day long. Two inches apart. And I love it.

Every morning, in the middle of your feeding, we do what I call a "snug." It's longer than a hug, but not quite a snuggle, since your curious, active seven month old body doesn't have time for a full-on snuggle unless you are incredibly tired or not feeling well. However, in the morning, I press you to my chest for a minute, and if you are still feeling a little drowsy you might even close your eyes for a moment and suck your thumb until you suddenly remember, "Wait! It's the morning! I'm up! Let's play!" And just like that the snug is over, and it's time for tickling and laughing instead.

We also play all types of silly games while sitting nose-to-nose. You love when I mimic all your sounds, and we can easily spend half an hour leaning forehead to forehead saying "Ahhhhh!" as loud as we can. We are also practicing giving "smooches." I am the smooch master, but you are a bright apprentice and I think you are picking up the art of a good, slobbery kiss on the cheek quite well.

I know we won't always be this close. Two inches will turn to two feet soon enough, and I'll be thankful for the hugs you save for me when you aren't busy with school and friends and sports and homework. But even as you grow up physically, I hope our hearts stay close. Two inches apart always.



Bek said...

This is so beautiful, Jen!
Is that some strawberry-blondeness happening on Z's head?! Adorbs!!!

C.Curley said...

So sweet!!! And she is just too precious! :)

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

I feel like Z has the best personality. I just love the photos of her gregarious self.

Ashleigh said...

Awe this little post was too sweet & very precious...

Heather said...

that last picture is beyond adorable. such a sweet heartfelt post!

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