Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Snippets


Love this idea for pre-school age kids {thinking ahead...} to make postcards to send friends and family.

20 best places to live {based on the current real estate market}. I'm happy to say that the three places I've lived in my lifetime {Seattle, Fort Worth, Phoenix} all made the list, and the place I want to move to next {Nashville} ranks at #4.

Facebook turned 10 this past week. Read some new interesting facts about the site.

What little girls wish their daddies knew. I didn't agree with this whole list, but I thought most of them were great!

A hilarious blog post on sleep-training your infant.

A great post on one of the biggest harms to marriage today.

I love Macklemore, but I can't get behind "Same Love." I really enjoyed this remix. The lyrics are awesome.

As my best friend's Jeopardy training coach, I found this article very interesting.

In light of the Super Bowl, I really liked this post by Richard Sherman and this letter to Peyton Manning.

It's not too late to join this Love 'Em Up Challenge to help families bless each other.

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Emily said...

Hi Jen, thanks for posting Bizzle's remix of Macklemore's "Same Love." I feel pretty comfortable saying that we're two Christian women who (I think) disagree about a Christian perspective on LGBTQ marriage/LGBTQ rights/etc. Yes? Anyway, when we had coffee the other day, you were asking about my dissertation topic and I don't think we ever got around to it; it's about the United Methodist Church's struggle with these issues over the past 40 years--basically since we became "united" Methodists. Would love to chat with you about this as well as trade some theological/scholarly articles on the subject (Because we're both academic geek girls ;), I'm sure you've got some that would show me some insight into your perspective, and I'd love to read them.) Hope y'all are having a restful Sunday at the Russum household. Peace and blessings, Emily