Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mama Style: Discount Jeans and Pool Pumps

The Russums have sadly and happily been dumping a ton of money into our house this month. It's sad, obviously, because pouring money into home repairs is one of the woes of home ownership. It's happy because we are the proud owners of a brand new AC unit and pool pump. When I imagine this coming summer, I see a clean and refreshing pool in our backyard, climate regulated afternoon nap times, and sleeping through the night without sweating. This is slightly different than how things went down last summer in our new home...

I am super thankful for these updates to our home, and I'm also thankful these repairs meant that Micah got off work early one afternoon and was able to snap a few pics of Zianne and me in the backyard as the sun was going down.

Also, grey jeans. I was uncertain, but I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. I would like to give a shout out to LOFT, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores. They have the clearance prices that my beloved Banana Republic used to have, and their pants fit my body so well. 

I just ordered new black jeans from LOFT for... $16! They should arrive in the mail any day.

Get on that.

Jen's outfit:
Crochet top // LOFT
Jeans // LOFT
Shoes // Banana Republic {similar}
Watch // Timex {similar one on sale}

Zianne's outfit:
Leopard romper // Carter's {on sale!}

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Amanda Cobb said...

I've recently discovered the awesomeness of grey jeans, too - don't they rock? So easy to wear with so many things.

Also, you've managed quite a feat - I don't normally like leopard print or all-metallic shoes, but I actually LOVE this outfit. Kudos to you! It looks great. :)

Bailley said...

hi from the link up! I love the loft as well...those grey jeans are great!!

Darcy said...

Those grey jeans are so cute! I don't shop at Loft too often but whenever I go in there I find so many things I want!! You will definitely glad for that AC and clean pool come summer. Can't wait for it to be here!!

Alyssa said...

your outfit is really cute! I love Loft - they have a great selection of pieces and they come out with new stuff all the time!
Best wishes on all of the updates to your home :)
Alyssa B
ps: we're having a giveaway-stop by!