Sunday, February 16, 2014


First day back at work // Afternoon coffee // Baby Album // Finishing up the nursery

Cuddles // Stories // Marathons // Uncles

Golf tournaments // Play dates // Baby initiated hand-holding

Back time // Tummy time // Lovey time // Sleepy time

Teething and more teething

Swimsuits // Swim lessons // Grandma visits // Bath time

Football watching // Furniture rearranging // Hiking // Baby benches

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Nicole M. Hutchison said...

LOVE THIS!!!! Miss Zee is going to be an author, I can just feel it. Where are you girls taking swim lessons? Of course, with this crazy Texas weather we have right now, it'll be August before I can get Kamden in a pool unless we go to the gym's indoor pool. I have friends with an amazing pool that live a mile away, we have a standing reservation this summer!!!!

jessi bridges said...

Oh my goodness, that one of the two of you on the floor! The sweetest.

Wish we lived closer!!