Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Snippets

Dads, Write in Your Bible

I've been using this fantastic series to help me set goals for 2014. I also liked this post about setting big goals.

Helping host this fun{ny} link-up next week...

Dads, write in your Bible {and moms, too}...

How I wish the homosexuality debate would go...

Nursing mamas... write off your pads, pumps, and creams on your taxes.

It matters whom you marry. I want every girl ever born to read this.

Recipe to try... Soft-Baked Monster Cookies.

Tempted to go back to an old-fashioned recipe box instead of the mess of binders, magazines, Pinterest, and bookmarked web-pages that makes up my recipe collection currently.

Loving these buckled booties...

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