Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goal-setting {Part II}

This week, I am sharing a three-part goal-setting series. You can read Part I here. Below is Part II...

My next step was to spend some time reflecting on the things I'm most passionate about or the experiences that bring me the most happiness or energy...

What FIRES me up?
-The WORD of God
-Teaching other women to read, love, and obey God's Word
-Writing in general {for both professional and personal reasons}
-Encouraging others
-A long, slow quiet time in the morning {with coffee}
-Date nights
-Capturing moments on camera
-Traveling {both to familiar and unknown places}
-Exploring new cities, neighborhoods, restaurants, and shops
-Home decor and design {but NOT DIY}
-Reaching a new pace or distance when running
-Quality time with girlfriends, both in groups and one-on-one
-Hosting parties
-Working/writing in a coffee shop
-Finding the best product or a good deal
-Having a clean house
-A flattering, modest, stylish and affordable outfit/wardrobe

What is my overall vision for 2014?
My vision is to establish new, healthy daily and weekly rhythms that allow me to work hard and rest well, without constantly feeling like a slave to burdens, tasks, and to-do lists. The hope is these new rhythms will help me work with excellence, use my gifts for God's glory, and love others well.

What I'm saying NO to in 2014?
-house projects that Micah can do better or more easily that I can
-extra social events that make me feel busy and overwhelmed instead of allowing me to invest in important friendships
-discount emails and sale Instagram feeds
-buying stuff I don't need
-using a harsh tongue
-using social media without any boundaries in place

What I'm saying YES to in 2014?
-blogging and some of the busy work that will inevitably come along with it {with boundaries set in place}
-getting more involved at our new-ish church
-making date nights with Micah happen consistently
-gentle words filled with patience, grace, and joy
-stating what I'm thankful for more often
-revamping the necessities in my closet {camisoles and tanks, black jeans, high heels, etc.}
-creating special memories and traditions for Zianne
-memorizing Scripture

I'll be back with PART III tomorrow... the part where I actually articulate my goals. :)

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