Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear Zianne {three months}

Dear Zianne,

Your dad described you perfectly the other day. He reflected on the time we put you in your new swing on Christmas Eve, and you rocked back-and-forth on the back patio in the afternoon sunshine. You weren't quite sure what to think, so you loosely held the tray in front of you with one hand while your other hand sat comfortably by your side. You looked around, just slightly cautious but also curious. Your dad later explained to me how your actions on the swing capture your personality so well, and I must say I agree. You aren't so carefree that you were smiling with both hands in the air during your first go on your new Fisher Price toy, but you weren't so nervous or fearful that you cried or even thought to clutch the swing with both hands. You're the perfect balance of laid-back but careful. Friendly but reserved. Sweet but brave. I love this about you.

You are the girl who didn't even cry when her foot got pricked for her PKU test. You are the girl that will examine a stranger for just a few seconds before bursting into a smile. You are the girl that experienced her first first bath and first swim lesson with a tentative look that quickly turned into playful splashes.

If you were coffee, my dear, you'd be a lovely blend. The perfect mix of mama's small nose and mouth and daddy's dreamer eyes. The perfect mix of daring and restraint. The perfect mix of playful and pensive.

I'm so excited to watch your personality brew in the coming weeks, months, and years


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