Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogger's Closet

So I'm trying something new...

I'm selling some of my clothes, which is DEFINITELY NOT new, but I'm doing it on a new forum. Last week, a site called Blogger's Closet launched, which is a marketplace where bloggers can buy and sell their clothes. It's kind of like e-Bay {there are "buy now" and "auction" options}, but limited to a community of fashion and lifestyle bloggers who just so happen to have lots of stylish, lightly worn clothing. It's kind of like "shop my closet" on Instagram, but much more streamlined. It's kind of like taking a big bag of clothes to the consignment shop, but you don't actually have to get in the car.

*All these items and more are for sale in my Blogger's Closet.*

I'm somewhat of a veteran when it comes to selling my clothes for cash, and although I've enjoyed selling my clothes on my Instagram account @thecuratedcloset recently, I thought I'd give Blogger's Closet a chance. I found the site easy to use and very organized. Uploading items was a breeze as soon as I figured out how to compress all my photos so the files would be small enough. {As a blogger, this is probably something I should have learned to do a long time ago, so thanks Blogger's Closet for making it happen!} There are lots of fun clothes on the site from many of your favorite bloggers, and it's easy to search by product style, color, brand, or size. I carefully curated my online closet last night, so hop over there and let me know your thoughts or place a bid if see something you like! My own real-life closet is quickly dwindling down to only the essentials, the classics, and the most flattering pieces, and I am loving my minimalist wardrobe.

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Brooke Hamilton said...

Ah you have such cute items, but I myself am getting rid of a lot of clothes too... It feels good!