Sunday, December 1, 2013

Two months

For the sake of Zianne's baby book, here is way too much baby info about our sweet TWO MONTH old girl...

Growing // In the weeks leading up to her two month appointment, I started to wonder if Z would hit 15 pounds before then. By the time her appointment rolled around I was almost sure she had. I was right. 15 lbs. 3 oz. {!!!}, 25 inches tall, and a head circumference of 16 1/2 inches. The nurse measured her head three times to make sure she was doing it correctly. Let's just say Zianne is about as far above the 95th percentile as you can get without the dot falling off the chart.

Eating // Nursing is still going really well. I feed this little chub every 2 to 3 hours eight times a day and she has the rolls to prove it.

Wearing // Z is fully in six month clothes and starting to outgrow them! I've spent the past few days frantically trying to use up all her size 1 diapers so she can transition into size 2, which she probably should have done already... oops!

Doing // Zianne still naps throughout the day, usually for 30 to 45 minutes at a time, but will often take a nice long two-hour nap during the afternoon. She is sometimes sleeping through the night {11-5ish}, but still likes to wake up at 3am occasionally to make sure I never feel too rested. She is showing less interest in her bouncy chair and swing, but is starting to like her play mat more and more, since she can now focus on the animals dangling above her. She also likes looking at alphabet flashcards on mommy's phone. Is she too young for screen time?

Loving // Milk, being held, the Ergo, her stroller, riding in the car, ceiling fans, and staring at the nail head trim on mommy and daddy's headboard. Clearly she has good taste in design.

Loathing // Being set down when she's tired but not yet sleeping, pacifiers, zippers in her face when she's being held.

Nicknames // Baby Z, Z Baby, Zita, Zeeter, Chubalub, Turkish Delight, ZZ Top, Zenith, Zebra, Milk Jug

Daddy's girl // Micah has thankfully learned not to pick up Z when she is sleeping at night, and instead he's now the one in charge of getting her up in the morning. If she fusses anytime past 6 AM he gets her up and cuddles her until it's time for her morning feeding. It's really precious and I get a little extra sleep! :) Also, every night when he comes home from work Micah and Z have learning time, where he teaches her new things like how to count to five or make the touchdown hand signal.

Mishaps and milestones: We took Zianne on her first road trip to Las Vegas to meet her great-grandmother for whom she was named. My heart has never been so joyful as when I watched the two meet for the first time. The only mishap on the trip was not bringing any bottles and having to stop to feed her twice {both ways} on the 5-turned-7 hour drive. Live and learn!

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