Monday, November 18, 2013

Shop My Closet {again!}

Surprise! I'm hosting another Shop My Closet sale over on my Instagram account @thecuratedcloset {follow along with my daily life on my @jenrussum account}. As if I don't have enough on my plate right now with school, teaching, general end-of-semester craziness, the upcoming holidays and, oh yeah, the infant that relies on me for her daily sustenance and general well-being, I've decided NOW is the perfect time to clean out my closet yet again.

But rumor has it, this is a natural postpartum activity. You have a baby, and not only does your body shift, but your daily activities change, and your whole new identity of mom changes how you think, act, and dress. The closet purge is just a part of the transition to motherhood I think.

My ultimate goal is to slim my closet down to 50-75 classic, flattering, quality items that mix and match well. What I don't love, even if it's a great piece on its own or for the former, childless me, is getting passed on to you for some killer prices.

The sale is auction style. I've listed an opening bid {which includes shipping} and you guys take over from there! The auction ends at 7pm PST this Wednesday evening. Happy shopping!

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