Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Goals

Not that I want to give myself more commitments as I'm figuring out this new season of motherhood, but I am going to try to give myself a handful of reasonable, measurable goals each month and post them here for a little accountability. I am thinking five goals is a good number to start with and I'll adjust it in the future if needed. So here it is... my short list of goals for the lovely autumn month ahead.


1 // Get a new retainer 
{This deserves a long-story-short... I have been sleeping with my retainer every night since the 8th grade. A few days before Z was born, my bottom retainer broke. Last spring I met a dentist who can get me a new retainer for a reasonable price. I need to make this happen!}

2 // Go to the dentist for a cleaning
{Our insurance will pay for a cleaning before the year ends. Why would I not take them up on it?}

3// Start Zianne's baby book
{So... I am going to attempt my own version of Project Life for Z's album. We'll see how it goes.}

4 // Finish nursery
{Y'all, the nursery is a disaster. When the world found out Z was a girl, we were showered with lovely girly gifts, for which we are extremely thankful. However, due to the demands of nurturing newborn life, her nursery now looks like it threw up adorable pink clothes, because I have no time to organize anything. I have to get the place in order so she can move in once she's sleeping through the night.}

5 // Finish wall in family room
I ordered stencils for one wall of our family room way back in July. I should probably apply said stencils...

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Bek said...

Way to go easing into your new normal! :) These all sound like achievable goals. But something's missing...where are pictures of your cute baby??? :D

Stephanie said...

I've been doing my own version of Project Life since last year and I love it! Mostly the fun of sticking stuff in pockets. We should discuss:)

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

Oh, I hear you on the nursery! M tuns 4 months this week and I still have not "finished" the nursery. I am so close and plan to photograph it this week, but keep thinking of one more thing that I think needs to be done ;-)

jessi bridges said...

Project Life!! Woooo!

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