Monday, August 19, 2013

Shop My Closet {INSTAsale!}

I seriously don't know if there is anyone in the world who cleans out her closet more often than I do. Weekly scan? Yes. Monthly quick clean? Yep. Huge purge every 3-6 months? Sounds about right.

Some of you have commented on Instagram that I should make sure I still have clothes left for my postpartum days, but I assure you I have PLENTY of clothes in my closet despite the piles that I keep getting rid of. I'm at a place where I want things to be more simple and streamlined. I'd rather have a smaller wardrobe of really great, flattering items than a huge wardrobe where so-so items block the view of  my favorites. So I am clearing out the so-so. These aren't bad items and some of them are practically new. They just aren't my absolute faves, and I figure if I'm apathetic toward a piece of clothing now, I probably won't like it any more in six months with my post-baby body.

So... as I create gaps in my closet, I would love to help you fill your own own. All my clothes are gently used, clean, and from a smoke and pet-free home. I never sell anything too worn or damaged. Those clothes go in the Goodwill pile instantly. I only sell clothes that I think might be GREAT for someone else.

I am doing my sale a little differently this time. It's going to be a three day INSTA-AUCTION! Follow me over on my new Instagram account @thecuratedcloset. I will post each piece for the lowest price I would possibly be willing to pack it up and ship it to you for... and you can bid up from that price depending on how much you like the item! I hope this is a fun way to get some new clothes in your closet, and it helps me because I never know how much to charge for my items.

Here are the basic rules:
+The price INCLUDES shipping, so whatever you bid is the FINAL price you would pay.
+If you buy more than one item, I will give you a discount... $2 off two items, $3 off three items, $4 off four items, etc.
+If you can do local pick-up/delivery in Phoenix, I will discount your item by $2.
+Sale ends Wednesday evening (8/21) at 7pm PST. I will send invoices that evening via PayPal and they must be paid within 24 hours. If you do not pay for your order by Thursday night, your invoice will be canceled and your item will be sold to the second highest bidder.

*Also, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to create sustainable lifestyles for families in Ethiopia! 

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Jordy Liz said...

I did the same thing with my clothes... if I didn't love it pre-baby, I found that I most likely didn't like it any more post-baby!