Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Snippets

Lots of fun reads this week!!!

I'm not obsessed with the Royal Family, but I appreciated these posts: Don't Get a Mom Bob and The Postpartum Body

Are you interruptible? Loved this article, because my schedule is one of my biggest idols. I need to accept interruptions with joy.

28 Things that Happened after the Harry Potter Books Ended. Clearly, a must-read.

So I bought something at Aeropostale... and you can too. Use the code "AEROROCKS" for 30% off at checkout.

A closet makeover. Closet organization is my love language. I think I need to buy a belt loop hanger. Oh, and I've had a double hanging bar since college and the thing is amazing. If your closet rods are tall enough, you should get one ASAP.

A thoughtful post on adoption.

Loved this post on intentionally living in a small home. Makes me want to purge our stuff even more than I already have this summer!

10 Basics for Better Photography. I would really like to get more comfortable and confident with my DSLR camera.

Loved this post on watching your kids grow up.

I plan/hope to breastfeed... but I loved this article about not passing judgment on how we feed our kids.


Abigail Jasmine said...

Kate is so pretty! Fun post!

Martha said...

I really liked that article about the little house. We're in the middle of downsizing from 1600 feet to 950-ish (familiy of 4) and it is stresssssful! But I know it'll be worth the very least because any house we live in will feel huge after this! I really want to boot the stuff out of my life to leave more room for loving people and doing fun things.

(Been reading for a few weeks but I think this is my first comment. Came across your blog because of the nice post you did about how gracefully Elise Cripe handled her pregnancy during her husband's deployment.)