Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pre-Baby List

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant. I feel so blessed to have made it to full-term safely and to feel this little one's GIGANTIC movements inside me. I will say that the past few weeks have been increasingly difficult on me physically. Although most women experience hip and back pain as their bones and joints move aside for labor, I think I am in the extreme camp. I read online that some women have such significant hip pain that they have to use crutches or a cane at the end of pregnancy. Let me just say, after last weekend when I was barely able to walk, crutches sounded very tempting. However, I've decided to buck up and deal with it... which for me means continuing to walk incline and lift light weights at the gym and taking Tylenol just two or three times a day. Yes, I limp through the gym, but I go.. because I really don't want to be immobile in the final weeks before delivery and my doctor basically said resting isn't really going to help my condition.

So as I limp my way through these final weeks, here are some things on my pre-baby list. Most of them are just more projects I would like to get done around the house {By the way, my parents came over three days in a row last weekend and helped me conquer some huge house tasks, including getting the crib set up!}, but some are other fun events and goals I would like to accomplish before this child arrives.

We'll see how I do... I'm predicting the baby comes 5-10 days late, but I could be surprised by an early arrival!


Holly @ The Young Museum said...

Ohhh....I say the pedicure and haircut/highlights should be a THE TOP of the list! :)

Also, the phone call idea is a GREAT IDEA I never would have thought of.

Good luck, I know you can do it! :) I really admire you for working out so much...even though I'm not pregnant, you've inspired me...heehee!

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

You, my dear, inspire me to keep going. As for the pain, (eeek) I'm not looking forward to that. On the bright side, at least Baby Russum is moving around and you feel it. My insides feel like they're being twisted and pulled, but I've yet to feel Kamden "kick" or anything. Super-Duper high five, fist bump, hooray for getting a crib *AND* it being set-up by the parental units!!! I can't wait to see pictures of everything. I wish the curtain fairies would visit our homes, because I have windows to cover as well. Sending you big hugs from Texas, take care of yourself, you're in the home stretch now Friend!!!!


p.s. I almost forgot ..... have you read, or do you follow the blog The Wise Baby ( I found it last weekend and I'm seriously ADDICTED to the entire thing. There is so much information but it doesn't overwhelm me like some other sites. I highly suggest you visit, I think you'll like it. Tell Lindsey I said hello, I confessed to her that I stalk her site on a daily basis. =)

Mimi Finerty said...

Ok so I never had a baby, but it sounds like your wonderwomen....still going to the gym!! Seriously your crazy. You totally deserve the prenatal massage and pedicure and hair cut. :)
Good luck with the last few weeks. xx

Kim Kauffman said...

I just had our second baby in June and she was 12 days late. Yes, 12 days. It was the longest almost two weeks of my life (I was dilated to a 6-7 for a few weeks so we kept thinking it would be any time). On the plus side, when I finally broke down and had them break my water because I was DONE, she was born after a two hour labor (I pushed for six minutes!). That made up for her tardiness :) Hope your little one decides to come earlier than that :)

Kim Kauffman said...

Also - you will be SO glad you continued to exercise. I did the same thing this time and let me tell you, I have bounced back sooo much faster than with our first. I had such an easy recovery and all but about 1-2 pounds are gone at almost 9 weeks!