Monday, August 5, 2013

A Very Bookish Baby Shower

Now that Baby Russum's due date is less than six weeks away {!!!}, I should probably take the time to show you some of the amazing baby showers my friends have thrown for me over the past few months. I had a big shower in Phoenix in June and another in Seattle in July. I am truly so blessed... and so is this baby, which is why the nursery currently looks like it endured the tornado in the opening scene of The Wizard of Oz.

Speaking of great pieces of literature, such as The Wizard of Oz, some of my dearest Arizona friends threw me book-themed baby shower. It was perfectly me in every way - books for the baby, chalkboard decor in all its teacher-schoolgirl charm, and friends and good food aplenty. Honestly, when I got the invitation to my shower in the mail and saw that it was a book shower, I might have fist-pumped and exclaimed an audible "yes!" while I sat in the car by myself at the mailbox. I had always wanted a book shower, but I had never uttered that wish to anyone. My friends are so great they can read my mind.

I am also reminded of how relational I am any time there is a party hosted in my honor. As much as I like presents and cupcakes and cute decor, I am always so excited to see each person who comes to the party. I run around like a maniac, taking pictures with every guest and trying to get in five minutes of quality conversation with each girlfriend present, while wishing we could sit down to a full meal or a coffee date instead. And don't even get me started on how thankful I am for the hostesses - friends that would spend their time, creativity, and resources to gather all my friends together so my little quality-time seeking, mostly extroverted heart can celebrate with people I love.

I should also note that I had some very special visitors at my shower. Not only did my friends Bekah and Stacey drive all the way from California to attend the celebration, but my friend Kristin surprised me by flying in from Texas as well. She walked into my room about an hour before the party and freaked me out in the best way. I would show you the video, but I'm not wearing any pants in it...

To sum it up... my shower was lovely and my friends are lovelier. I hope and pray this baby inside me is blessed with the same types of loyal and loving friendships.

Bekah came all the way from San Diego.

Stacey came from L.A. and Kristin came from Texas! What?!

A huge shout-out to Jordan, who put together the most thoughtful book for me. It was filled with letters of advice and encouragement from friends - those at the shower, those who couldn't attend, and even my mom, Micah's mom, and some of my best friends in Texas. It was the sneakiest, sweetest surprise and I will cherish it always.

The amazing hostesses!

Bumpin' - she's having two though! :)

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Bek said...

A book shower sounds like SO much fun! You and your baby are blessed! :)

LBN said...

both showers look super fun. can i ask, that dress is too cute! where are where did you find it?

Kassi Mortensen said...

A book baby shower?! What a fun theme!!! It's getting close... :)

Mary Evelyn said...

Love all the little shower details and I was excited to see Mo Willem's Naked Mole Rat represented in the book basket! That's one of my favorites at the school library and Mo Willems makes all my students laugh.

Also, I noticed that Emily Hooper-Lewis was at your shin-dig! I went to Elementary School with her in Nashville. Small world!