Monday, July 8, 2013

Bump Update and Some Thoughts on Maternity Clothes

30 weeks. Final stretch. Kind of freaking out. Not really. But kind of. {P.S. I hit 30 weeks on the 4th of July... that is why my outfit is so patriotic... although I support patriotic attire year-round.}

Micah and I are going out of town this week to celebrate our three year anniversary in San Francisco and then we will head to Seattle to visit friends and family one last time before this little babe arrives. {Any San Fran advice or tips? I've never been and I'm soooo excited!}

When we get back from this baby-moon of sorts {I should note that we have camping on the agenda during our time in Washington... I'll let you know how the bump likes sleeping in a tent..}, we only have eight weeks - give or take - until this baby is born. And there is just sooo much to be done in that time. I don't understand how some women are DIYing crafts at 40 weeks pregnant as they patiently await their baby's arrival. I feel like I will probably be frantically roaming the aisles of Target looking for a car seat and praying my water doesn't break before I make my purchase. Normally, I am known for being an organized person but with the whole moving situation this past month I feel completely unprepared for the arrival of Baby Russum in just two months! Hopefully August will be the most productive month of my life.

{And can someone tell me why vertical pictures are always blurry on my blog?! Help!}

Oh, I guess I indicated by my title that I would share some thoughts on maternity clothes in this post. I should probably get to that. I guess my main thoughts are as follows...
  • Non-maternity maxi skirts. Yes. Sag them down under the bump and go.
  • Liz Lange maternity dresses. Buy them all. Wear them even if you aren't pregnant. I did.
  • Old Navy ruched maternity tanks. I love them. But this is my thought... do people save these for a future pregnancy? I have four and wear them ALL the time. I feel like they will be so gross and worn out by September that I might as well throw them all away and get a new set if/when I get pregnant again. The price certainly allows for it.
  • Also, I've been very happy with my Old Navy maternity shorts. I have this pair and this pair. I'm not sure if they will fit comfortably when I'm pushing 40 weeks, but they have been fabulous during this hot AZ summer so far.
  • I've got to give a shout out to my H+M maternity tanks. I use them for working out. They will probably be thrown away eventually but they have served me well while I sweat at the gym 3-4 days a week with my ever-growing stomach.
  • Tunics, although cute and well-suited for bump anatomy, are not ideal for a summer pregnancy in Arizona. Some friends lent me a bunch of cute tunic tops, but since they don't look appropriate with shorts and it's way too hot to even consider leggings or jeans they just sit there in my closet looking all cute and maternal. Maybe I will take them on our trip to Washington and let them experience sub-100 temps.
  • I bought a few maternity dresses. I'm not sure if they are low-quality or if I just wear them too frequently, but they are getting shabby looking and one even got a hole in it after a few wearings. Again, I am tempted to just get rid of these clothes in the fall. I don't think I will feel enthusiastic about worn-out maternity clothes if I get pregnant again in the future.

Well, if that wasn't the most rambling post ever...


Nicole M. Hutchison said...

You are the most adorable pregnant lady in the history of ever ... SERIOUSLY! I am 16 weeks tomorrow and, even after losing 8 lbs, I have not purchased a single piece of maternity wear. I can wear a pair of shorts I did two years ago, but that won't last long. Currently, I'm living in a pair of cut-off sweat shorts and t-shirts ... but then again, isn't that what teachers are supposed to wear in the summertime on their vacation?!?! Maybe I'll feel "more pregnant" when I actually have a belly bump, because right now I just feel like my normal fat self. You, however, are gorgeous and glowing! Have fun in San Fran, I bet it's beautiful (and not to mention cool) this time of year!!!

Sending hugs from Texas.

Carly said...

Love this, I'm 18 weeks and love the maternity recommendations!

Where in SF are you staying? I grew up just a few minutes outside the city and can give you tons of recommendations!


Gracia and Aaron said...

I got all new mat clothes for second baby. I didn't have a lot for first and was SO OVER them. Plus I buy similar brands GAP/ON/hm and they were very worn by the end. Agree with all your picks!

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

Love your patriotic look :) Congrats on reaching 30 weeks...I hadn't realized we're 10 weeks apart!

I agree on your picks. Maxi skirts are the way to go, but I've also gotten some good mileage out of a few pieces from Pea in the Pod (good quality): a pair of slacks for work and a pair of shorts. I am pretty sure the next pregnancy will call for buying a few more tops. I was also thankful to find a second hand maternity store that had a few staples too.

Ruthie Hart said...

Thank God for Old Navy maternity tanks! Right now even my maternity shirts are too short but the tanks are so comfy and long! And like you, I bought a few non maternity stretchy maxi skirts that I wear super low, so awesome!

As far as San Fran.. go to Alcatraz! Try to get tickets early. I loved biking across the Golden Gate bridge but yeah.. not prego! Go up to Coit Tower for the best view of the GG bridge and Bay Bridge, the aquarium rocks (but we love that kind of stuff), Pier 39 to see the adorable seals... I think I could watch them for 8 hours, Cioppinos on the Wharf has amazing food, Lighthouse Cafe, Stinking Rose Restaurant, hmmm... what else. Oh we did a 2 day metro pass that allowed us to use the bus, trolley, and cable cars for 2 days. So much cheaper than cabbing it everywhere.

Have a blast! I love that city!

Ashley C. said...

The bump is going to LOVE sleeping in a tent! I'm so excited for the Russums to be there!

Jamie said...

I'm 16weeks and just bought my first maternity outfit from Target, a maxi skirt of course. It's all I want to wear this whole summer. I must check out those tops from H&M, as I'm going to need some for working out. Love all of your suggestions so much!!!

Allison said...

good luck with the tent thing... I was dying to go camping when I was pregnant but then I thought "I can't even get comfortable on my bed with 10 pillows, why would I ever think camping would be fun." but the problem is now I have a baby and I am not sure camping with a baby sounds that fun either... Also I had these grand plans of being all DIY and crafty when I was pregnant but ended up not really doing anything but sewing a few burp cloths and a crib skirt (which I did the last month). I don't know how people do it...

angel gonzales said...

Oh you look so beautiful even with that baby bump. I envy women who can still look fabulous even with their big baby bumps. I like your fashion sense, i agree with all those maxi skirts, maternity tanks and yes, tunics. Anyway, good luck with the tent thing. I hope you will have a whole lot of fun.


Norma said...

You really look great. I have been living in my Maternity Shorts. I got a great deal from Burlington Coat Factory and they are so comfortable. The shorts were $30 less than I had seen them for anywhere else.

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