Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life Lately

I just had this startling realization that it's JUNE. What?! This means I got out of school one month ago. I thought time would slow to a crawl after classes ended, the weather got warmer, and my bump got bigger, but that has not been the case. Time is still flying. I feel like I am just getting a grasp on the things I need to get done this summer and a month of it is already gone! Baby arrives in a little over three months. So much to do still! But here are a bunch of the crazy events that have been keeping me busy over the past few weeks...

22 week run vs. 25 week run {aka probably my last ever pregnancy run due to the extreme back pain and lack of normal walking ability that ensued afterward}

Baby boots and Mother's Day Brunch

Summer to-do list... test drive strollers and make a plan to stay on track with school during my fake "maternity leave" this summer and fall

Pontoon-ing in San Diego for Bekah's 30th! 

Then we drove up north to spend the rest of Memorial Day Weekend with my college roommate, her husband, and their precious boys. A day trip to Malibu was one of our adventures!

The party's always at our place... I made the lemon cake for a friend's fiesta a few weeks ago. And this past weekend my SIL threw us a baby shower pool party with all her friends! So fun!

I guess this makes me an official "mommy blogger?"

Happy moments. Hot chocolate date with husband. The day Gary Patterson followed me on Twitter. Eek!

Got to attend a fun Diamondbacks game with Micah's work. We sat in the guest dugout right next to the REAL dugout.

Cousins and pool parties. They go together perfectly.

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Moriah said...

You've got such a cute bump! I'm pregnant with my third right now, due at the end of November, and it really goes by quickly. Enjoy your last few months of pregnancy!