Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Nesting Shower

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Jordan and her almost-three month old baby boy. Today, I will show you pictures from the baby shower I threw for her, oh, over five months ago.

A group of girls helped me throw Jordan a "nesting" shower and it was so much fun. The original inspiration for the shower came from this blog post, which I randomly stumbled upon one day. At the time, I wasn't hosting any upcoming events, so I saved it in the archives as a possible "cutest shower ever" award winner.

When I got the privilege to host Jordan's shower, I knew the nesting theme would be perfect. If you hop over to Jordan's blog, you will see that she already has a thing for birds... and her blog colors of aqua and lime were going to be used in the baby's nursery. With this knowledge, I created a whole secret Pinterest board with ideas for the party and shared it with the other hostesses.

I should also mention that Jordan and Chris did a gender surprise {and they encourage us that it's totally worth it to wait!}, so I wanted to be careful that the shower didn't seem too boy-ish or too girl-ish. Since I used aqua, lime, and hints of navy for the color scheme, I also included lots of floral and paisley prints to keep it from looking like a boy shower. Mainly, I just wanted it to be a pretty party for Jordan to enjoy. This is my second time throwing a gender neutral shower and I think they are so much fun. {You can see the first one here.}

Anyway, the shower turned out lovely and I had so much help, especially with food, and it made the day a breeze. It was so fun to celebrate Jordan and her sweet baby, who turned out to be a Liam!

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