Sunday, May 19, 2013

To the Mommy Bloggers: Baby Registry Essentials

Since I've already posted my favorite blogs before, today I want to give a huge shout-out to five bloggers who have helped me recently. Over the past few weeks, I have spent hours putting together our baby registry {technically, registries, since we have one at three different stores}. Any of you who have had a baby know that the registry for the first one is a daunting task... unlike a wedding registry where you just pick what you like, usually because it's aesthetically pleasing, there are so many more factors to take into account with a baby. Quality, safety, recalls, reviews... and then aesthetics too. And you are trying to buy products for a human that will actually have preferences and aversions that you cannot predict. Not a simple task.

Even though it took me hours to put our lists together, I can honestly say it would have taken twice as long if not for these lovely bloggers. Each of these women has put together awesome lists on their blogs to recommend the best and most helpful baby items. I am forever indebted to them!

Hello Hue :: My favorite baby products
Jordy Liz :: A few of my favorite baby things
Good Cheer :: Shopping for baby
Kayla Aimee :: Must-have baby registry recommendations
The Kubly Girl :: Baby Essentials {This is the MOTHER of all lists - pun intended. Read the whole series or check it out by category: eat, sleep, clean, travel.}

And if you want to check out my own registries - which were compiled from the lists above and a few extra {or like ten} hours of research - check them out here: Amazon // Target // Babies R Us


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'm expecting my first baby in September and we are hoping to register soon! :)

[email protected] said...

Good lists! Not sure if you want/need any more input, but here's my registry list - Just wanted to pass it along. :)

Antonia R. said...

Have you heard of Not Finding Out? You should check them out, too. the link is I can't wait to use them with my next baby!

Ashley C. said...

Very comprehensive registry - kuddos my friend! May I throw in a few more recommendations that I've learned the hard way:
1. Butt paste - switch it to either Triple Paste (super expensive but AMAZE - NO rash will get past that crap) or Boudreaux's Butt Paste which is super great as well and has a MUCH more pleasant smell than Desitin. :)
2. Bebepod - LOVE. Register for the "deluxe" version that comes with the tray & toy too. This will keep the little one occupied in a safer manner for hours. :) Super jealous that they now offer a charcoal grey option for this - way cute.
3. Look into the Fisher Price Deluxe Booster seat - won't be needed for awhile, but carting baby to and fro (dinner at friends house, etc) when you obv won't be bringing your high chair, this thing is clutch. You can put it on any regular chair and is pretty compact for "travel". This thing actually replaced high chair all together for us but is at min good for travel.
4. My boys never used the WubbaNubba's but I JUST was introduced to them and think they are THE cutest thing ever. Can't wait to see Baby Russum sucking away on them. :)

Lindsey Kubly said...

So glad my list-making was helpful to you, Jen! I've been using those products for 14 months now, and still love them all. Congrats on your sweet babe on the way :)

Jordy Liz said...

Thanks for sharing my link!

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

I was so thankful I had pinned a lot of blog posts about baby favorites and used it when putting together our registry :)

Karly Barker said...

Hey there! Thank you for mentioning us. Glad you found the list useful. Best of luck with your newest addition. I'd love to connect with you! Send me an email: karlybarker(at)me(dot)com

kayla aimee said...

Thanks so much for linking my posts- I'm so glad that you found them helpful! Your blog is so cute :)

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