Monday, April 1, 2013

Trader Joe's: THE LIST!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote this post asking for your suggestions for fun things to buy at Trader Joe's. And you guys definitely came through... I just wrote down a three page list of your recommendations. I am headed to TJ's today and I'm so excited to pick up some new items.

But I want to share the wealth. I thought it would be fun to share this big, ol' list of deliciousness with everyone. Here it is. Enjoy!

{these were the most mentioned items - everyone loves them!}
Cookie butter
Cinnamon rolls {refrigerated}
Hummus {especially chipotle and regular pine nut}
Frozen edamame
Frozen chicken tikka masala
Wheat pizza dough {refrigerated}

Black forest ham and cheese croissants
Chicken taquitos
Penne Arrabiata
Sweet potato fries {yes, love these}
Pork buns
Chicken chow mein
Bell pepper medley
Mozzarella sticks
French Onion soup
Coconut shrimp
Naan bread
TJs pizzas
Orange chicken
Pesto/Mozzarella/Tomato flat bread
Multi-grain french toast

Salsa {red and verde}
Greek yogurt/Organic yogurt
Bagged, pre-made salads {especially spinach/cranberry/feta}
Stuffed chicken
Flank steak
Bagged brussel sprouts
Goat cheese {and ALL their cheeses.. so good!}
Pre-seeded pomegranates

TJ's Lite Kettle Corn {Yep! This is one of my newer finds.}
Asiago Peppercorn Bread
Honey roasted peanuts {apparently, TJ's are the best...}
Dried fruit and apple straws
Boxed soups
"Cuppa Joe" coffee
White cheddar popcorn
Honey Pretzel Sticks {How could I forget about these gems?}
Ezekiel tortillas {But I was warned to freeze them because they spoil quickly}
Dipping sauces and marinades {gyoza, spicy chili, and my personal favorite... soyaki}
Taco seasoning
Pita chips {I love the cinnamon ones!}
Any TJ's pasta sauce {I've heard the vodka sauce is fab...}

Dark chocolate sea salt almonds
Espresso pillows {What are these?! I must find out today!}
Dark Chocolate Potato Chips {This is my own addition! I used to be addicted...}
Maple Leaf cookies

And the most mysterious thing on this list...
"Cat cookies for people" Erica, what ARE these???}


Carly said...

I still need to try cookie butter!


Ashleigh Day said...

YUM! Most of the goodies on the list sounds amazing...I think its safe to say you now have me a little hungry!

Samara said...

I have had a friend move to America and is always posting pictures of trader Joe's, but I don't quite get it a super market? Because I don't think anyone gets that excited about any super market in Australia :P

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

there are so many of these I buy at TJ's too! I love their British muffins, pizza dough, and turkey jerky! I also love their coconut shea smells like summer/vacation and I've had such dry skin lately.

jessi bridges said...

No one recommended the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches???? Get them, please. For the baby's sake!

Don't forget produce. I LOVE their heirloom tomatoes and the 3 pack of organic romaine lettuce. Isaac loves their greek yogurt. I buy the big thing of vanilla bean and use it to make super delicious banana bread.

Oh and flowers!! Best place for daffodils. And greeting cards! 99cents and super adorable.

Ruthie Hart said...

I will literally be buying all of this the second TJ's opens in austin!! I have heard so much about their pizza dough and excited to try the tikka masala :-)

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

I just literally laughed out hard. the "cat cookies for people" are just cinnamon cookie-cracker things in the shape of cats. my husband loves them and sings "cat cookieeeees for people toooo!" when I buy them.

they're in a clear tub. I recommend the alphabet cookies too :)

Mingo Ink said...

You forgot the Reduced Guilt Guac, SERIOUSLY amazing! Especially when you eat them with the taquitos!

tmack said...

Yesss !! Thanks for the list!

Teressa @

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