Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Snippets

New research on vaccines... these are the types of articles I have to read now that I'm a mother.

I like this modest striped tank, although it's probably not very maternity friendly.

Love Blair's review of baby carriers... I want an Ergo so badly! And if you happen to notice Ergos on sale for like half off on one of those daily baby deal websites, especially if you are an early riser on the east coast, I want you to call, text, tweet and Facebook me until I wake up and buy one. Thanks in advance.

This post on love languages describes Micah and me perfectly. Is this our twin couple? Can you have a twin couple? The guy even likes surfing and motorcycles and hates gift giving.... and I always love with actions before words and affection.

I must make and EAT this bread. That is all.

In case I wasn't already obsessed with Nashville... {the city, not the show... I want to move there!}

You know that little list of blogs you read on Google and/or Blogger? Well, it's going to disappear this summer. If you want to keep up to date on this blog, follow me on Bloglovin' here... and, seriously, Bloglovin' is the BEST. Consider downloading the app on your phone. It's amazing for reading your favorite blogs on the go!

An interesting read on smartphone dependency...

My love of succulents never ends. I might have to give this a try for my own baby shower.

This makes me want to stop buying tortillas. The ones from the store are so mediocre!

Every mom, old or young, rookie or veteran, should read this.... "The Amazing Calling of Being 'Mom.'"


PolkaDottyPlace said...

Congratulations on the baby!! That's SO exciting for you and your family!! I'm with you on the half off Ergo sale... let me in on that secret if you should ever find such a deal :) I also just got bloglovin up and running! It really is amazing to have all of your favorite blogs in one spot.

Rachel said...

I know when we're going to have a baby--I and, even more so, my husband, will be researching like crazy!

jessi bridges said...

Baby steals has the ergo discounted in the hidden archives :)

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

I love that we share a love for Nashville :) I'm actually headed there later this week to see my in-laws. They live north of the city, but I am hopeful we will spend at least a short time downtown.

christina said...

loves all your links ... making fresh bread is my fav! and i just recently started making tortillas pioneer women style so good!

love the post ...and mostly i use my phone as a camera. lol. true story

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