Nov 11, 2012

Lovely Little Things

Here are some tidbits from the past few weeks. Our days have filled with friends and fun, but I am starting to feel the pressure as the end of the semester grows near. We leave for Australia in less than a month and I have 60 essays to grade and two papers to write before we get on that plane!

Hello new Neon and Nude bracelets. You are so cute. // Hello Smashburger. Welcome to the neighborhood.  {This could be problematic for my hips…}

Hello Jade-a-kiss. This is one of my old YoungLife girls and I love that we are still so close after all these years. // Hello gift night. Micah and I surprised each other with random gifts on the same night. Dri-fit running shirts for me, a porcelain hunting dog for him… so he’s not tempted to get a real dog! J

Hello new blog calendar. Trying out something new for scheduling blog posts. // Hello neurotic shopper. I re-wrote this list THREE times to get it perfectly organized by section of the store.

Hello precious friends visiting from out of town.

Hello overtime win for TCU. We are now bowl eligible, even without our starting QB. Did you know I’m obsessed with college football? // Hello November??? No one’s thermostat should say 103 degrees in November, but mine did, just last week.

Hello trying to usher in fall, despite the warm temps. The season for boots and eggnog lattes has arrived!

Oh, and hello San Diego! We've enjoyed spending the weekend with you!

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  1. Brooke Houston11/12/12, 8:56 AM

    AH! Less than a month until Australia!? That's wild! and I love your blog calendar scheduling idea. I need to try something like that. OH and we picked a honeymoon destination! Roatan Honduras! Woo!

  2. Beth @ the city11/12/12, 7:14 PM

    I love those bracelets! and I can't even imagine it being over 100 this time of year. I would die. Seriously, I struggle with the heat for a few months in the summer!

  3. Sarah11/13/12, 1:52 PM

    I love your blog calendar and your list...I am the exact same way!!

  4. Katy @ Lolly Linens11/17/12, 10:26 AM

    Great photo's, you have tons to be thankful for! Will you share your blog planning details, I would so appreciate it. Thank you. [email protected]

  5. habecker11/17/12, 1:03 PM

    * don't want a doggie?

    * high-five on list-making and coupon using grocery shopping style. my husbend and i, try as we might, always end up going back for something even after sticking to our routine layout of the store. i have a goal of a 'perfect=not going back to an isle' trip someday.

    *college football! (UCLA and Boise here!)

    * 103 is horrid.

    {over from the little things link up}

  6. Shelley Marea Vaughan Harris11/17/12, 9:38 PM

    Love the blog calendar...may have to copy :)!

  7. Mo @ O hushed October morning mild11/18/12, 3:13 PM

    Stopping over from the little things link up :)
    I remember living in Southern Cali and missing Fall/Winter so much. Now I can't feel my feet so I will trade you for 103, lol

  8. Lauren {Adventures in Flip Flops}11/19/12, 1:35 AM

    Visiting from The Little Things Link-up! I know what you mean about college football. I'm having a hard time over here in China not being able to watch my beloved Aggies!

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