Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Washington: A Road Trip

I haven't had a chance to write about this yet, but last month I took a little road trip with my sister, who just moved from Seattle to Austin. Since I was going to be in Seattle anyway for my BIL's wedding, I decided to hang around a few extra days and road trip it back to Arizona with my sis, Katie, who would drop me off on her way to Texas. It was hilariously fun and I got to see lots of friends and family on the way. Here are the pics!

Packing up with dad the night before. Yes, we went cross country in a BUG! // Our first day of driving was LONG. All the way from Snohomish to Salt Lake City!

Leaving mom and dad's house around 5am. Katie wore her boots, obviously. She was headed to Texas and  all. // This was the only spot for my stuff in the bug. Basically, I sat cross-legged for three days straight. Good thing I like to sit cross legged. When I needed a break, I put my feet up on the dash.

Drove through the "Palm Springs of Washington." Didn't know we had one of those... // First state line... Orgeon!

Stopped for breakfast in Oregon // Onward to Idaho

Blue dot making progress // So we stopped for lunch in Mountain Home and the deli we were planning to go to was closed, so we placed a to-go order at the best rated Thai place in town according to Urban Spoon. We showed up to the restaurant and found this trailer. Katie was scared to eat there, but I made her do it anyway. Our pad thai was good! And the sweet owner lady gave us free bottles of water while we sat in our car eating.

This was the BEST part of the trip. We accidentally missed an interchange on the freeway and ended up in River Raft, Idaho. When we tried to turn around {in the middle of nowhere} we noticed a huge gravel parking lot full of cars and behind it a huge grassy yard, filled with people, and 100 yard long slip-n-slides. There were hundreds of teenagers on the property {for some type of group school event} and they were riding down the slides on inner-tubes {hence the name of the city, I'm assuming, since this property was the only thing in sight.} Katie and I decided this detour must have been ordained by God and we were determined to go down the slides too. We tried to act inconspicuous by putting our best high schooler faces before we grabbed a tube and stood in line. The only problem is that we were wearing our clothes {not swim attire} and taking iPhone pics of ourselves the whole way down the slide... but whatever. I think everyone knew we didn't belong there but they were too scared to say anything. Mission accomplished. We put our tube back in the pile and got on the freeway to backtrack 17 miles to the freeway that would take us down to Utah!

We missed the Utah state line, but we really enjoyed this sign... // Made it to Jenna's house where we had a sleepover! The next morning I got to meet Mr. Davis and eat delish french toast for breakfast. Sweet Jenna gave my sister and me these bracelets. If you haven't checked out her shop, you are missing out on the cutest jewelry around!!

So we got super confused on the second day when we crossed into Arizona instead of Nevada... turns out that we didn't notice that you drive through the northwest corner of AZ for about twenty miles before crossing into Nevada... but we figured it out after those twenty miles and all was well.

Got to meet up with my dear friend Jessi in Las Vegas and I was introduced to BJ's pizookies. Double win if you ask me! // We snooped through the garage at Grandma's house and Katie added a hat to her ensemble!

Since I only had dessert the night before, I still desperately wanted to try BJ's pizza. I figured out there are multiple locations around Phoenix and I didn't know it. I thought I had to go to Vegas or San Diego to go there! We stopped for pizza when we got into AZ. Spinach-artichoke. Yum! // Sending Katie off to Austin {with a stop in Tucson} the following day. She added an old hair flower clip to her braid. Hott.

* * * * *

There you have it. Pretty much the road trip of the decade!


Ruthie Hart said...

this looks like such a fun trip with your sissy and you got to meet some bloggers along the way!!! One time I drove from Austin to was NUTS!!

Kaitlyn said...

Her evolving outfit is hilarious. BJ's spinach artichoke pizza is my favorite - it's half off during happy hour! :) Looks like a fun trip!

Jessi Bridges said...

I'm glad you guys had such a fun time! It was sooo great to finally meet you. Glad everyone made it home safe.btw was your sister able to get a job in austin??

Heather said...

omgosh this trip looks like SO much fun. I LOVE THAT YALL TOTALLY JOINED IN ON THE SLIP AND SLIDE FUN!!! Epic!!

Claire-Christine said...

Hi there! I am new to your blog, so I wanted to say hello! My cousin, Ruthie Hart, had you up as an adspace, so I thought I should check your blog out! I actually live in Seattle (originally from Chicago), and have since January. I am envious of your Arizona weather most of the time...but this year has been really nice in Seattle I do have to say! I look forward to reading more!
Claire @NavigatingNorth