Monday, September 17, 2012

Lovely Little Things... September Edition

A few weeks ago I compared school starting to being punched in the face...

Well, that feeling has not gone away. This has, by far, been the most hectic start to a school year I've ever had. Every day I feel like I am probably forgetting something, wondering if I am missing a class or an assignment or a meeting.... I think it's mainly because I'm teaching two different classes this semester and one of them is brand new... as in I wrote the syllabus all by myself and am frantically try to keep up with my students' reading assignments week by week, all while trying to get the work for my own classes completed. But I love it. I'm really enjoying the classes I'm teaching. They just keep me on my toes and prevent me from getting enough sleep.

But the other reason I feel so busy and overwhelmed is from traveling. I was on vacation the first two weeks of August and then I road-tripped with my sister from Seattle to Phoenix. Last weekend, I was in Texas for five days visiting my sister-friends, and this weekend I had my 30th birthday party and my friend, Bekah, drove over from San Diego to spend the weekend with me.

Whoosh! Let me catch my breath. Getting to travel and see friends and family is the BEST reason to feel tired, but the exhaustion is starting to catch up to me...

I really want to blog about all the adventures of the past month and a half, but that involves downloading and editing pictures, which requires time I just don't have right now. So here is a smattering of Instagrams until I find the time to shuffle through the thousand photos I've taken over the last six weeks {I haven't actually counted, but I don't think I'm exaggerating on that number...}.

Hello date night. Squeezed in a little bit of dancing at Toby Keith's before I went out of town.
Hello pedicure. Got my toes painted TCU purple for my trip to Texas.

Hello alma mater. Visited TCU for the first time in years. So much has changed!

Hello best friends! I love you all!

Hello Bekah! My dear friend came to visit and we had such a fun weekend that included eating mac and cheese with hipsters downtown, drinking good coffee, going to a vintage market, and accidentally shopping at Nordstrom Rack :) We also spent a bit of time with the goats who have taken up residence in our backyard. These guys have been our pets for the weekend. My SIL's college friend is visiting and he brought them. They can surf! Not a joke. Check them out if you are ever in Pismo Beach.

Hello fun new kitchen items. Bekah sewed me the dish towel on the left. It's a classic Scandinavian pattern! And I found the succulents in a vintage flour sifter at the vintage fair this weekend!

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the domestic fringe said...

Sounds like a fun busy. Hope your classes settle into a rhythm for you, so it's not overwhelming.

Fabulous photos!

Visiting from Lisa's...

Jessi said...

So glad you had a great trip to Texas! I mean, duh, obviously you would! Hope you can get settled into the semester without being so tired and overwhelmed!

Sarah said...

Hi! I found your blog through Busy Bee Lauren - it's so cute! And now after reading this post all I can think about is getting mac and cheese for lunch :)

Trixiegirl said...

Hipsters, the Rack, coffee. Sounds dreamy. :)