Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Junk in the Trunk

I don't really know how to classify my home design style. And perhaps I'm just not sure what it is because we don't own our home, so I don't really feel compelled to fully decorate it. But I know a few things...

I am not really into vintage, but a few pieces are okay. I have an old typewriter than I love and I really like family heirlooms.

I don't really like mid-century modern furniture.

I don't really like anything too modern or abstract or brightly colored.

I like shabby chic, but in moderation.

A hint of nautical is good, but I don't want to feel like I'm living on the beach. Unless I do live on the beach... But I don't live on the beach and I don't want to disappoint myself by waking up to life preserver decor hanging on my walls.

I guess I like a little mix of everything. My florist called my wedding "country modern" so maybe that's a good name for my home decor style as well. I like white, gray, greens, blues and yellows.. all in muted shades. I prefer light wood to dark and white furniture to brown or black. I like a touch of shabby chic and vintage without feeling like everything in my house is old.

I know that I could find tons of home decor items that fit my taste at the thrift store, but I have to be honest...

I am too impatient. I stop in the thrift store from time to time and if I don't find anything good within five minutes, I get anxious and leave. It's because I have this deceptive illusion in my mind. Some of my friends, and many other bloggers, are very good at thrifting and they find all these gems that lead me to believe that I will find them too.... but they are patient and they probably shop at thrift stores frequently in order to find their treasures. I don't do any of these things. I go in for five minutes, leave disappointed, and don't return for six months.

But on Saturday, I tried something new. My friend randomly invited me to a vintage market on Saturday morning called Junk in the Trunk that is held a few times a year in Scottsdale. I had actually heard of it before but had never attended, so I decided it was worth a try.

Let me just tell you... I loved it.

And you want to know why? It was like shopping at a thrift store or antique store where all the talented people had already scoped out the good items for you and piled them all in one place. If I had known how much I was going to love it I would have talked over a budget with Micah, as there were some excellent furniture items there. Instead I went with about $30 in my wallet, enjoyed looking at all the booths, and only bought a couple things. When the market comes back in the fall, I might have to go back with my eyes and wallet ready for some big ticket items.

What I bought - a vintage green and yellow flour sifter full of succulents and some wooden flowers for my gallery wall.
What I wish I had bought - a huge throw pillow for our black and white guest room. It was only $10 and when I went back for it, it was already gone.
What I'm glad I didn't buy - a vintage headboard made of refurbished wood and chicken wire. I loved it, but I'm pretty sure Micah would have hated it...
What I wish I could afford - the most beautiful gray, refurbished table for behind the sofa. It was gorgeous but I didn't have $250 to drop.

Junk in the Trunk Market... I'll be seeing you in November!


Amber said...! That places looks awesome! :) I love that "Love at Home" sign on the chalkboard!

Jordan Whitlach said...

Um - I HAVE to go with you in November! When is it? Date please?

Ruthie Hart said...

eeeek I want to go! I need a few pieces that I Have been looking for at thrift stores and on avail ugh

Rachel said...

That sounds/looks so fun! Have to make a trip!