Jul 9, 2012

My favorite holiday.

The 4th of July. It happened. In the rain.

After growing up in Seattle with way too many rainy Independence Days, I can't say I was excited about a dreary 4th. However, our desert landscape hasn't seen more than a drop or two of rain in at least six months, so I know our plants were happy about the weather even if I wasn't...

Anyway, we made the best of it. A little rain can't keep Washington natives from celebrating their favorite holiday. We started the festivities with a little family hot tub sesh at 10:30am. Micah, my cousin, her two toddlers, my mother-in-law, my sister in law, my cousin's mother-in-law and me. We were quite the bunch. Just sitting in the hot tub or the "big bath tub" - as my little cousin Devynn likes to call it - as the rain dripped down all around us.

Then right before lunch our house got bombarded by friends and it was all hot dogs, ladder ball, croquet and cannon balls for the next three hours. Love it.

Sometime in the afternoon all the families with kids starting clearing out to get babies down for naps. I did a quick clean up of the kitchen and set out new snacks as Kayla's friends {my SIL} started pouring into the backyard for party #2.

But Micah and I just couldn't make it. Y'all we are old. After staying out til 1am at a fireworks show the previous night and waking up early to make my annual flag cake and swimming with kids all day, we crashed at 4pm. The young, hip people filled our backyard while we took a nap from about 4-8pm. I know we are lame, but it felt so good! We woke up, split a pulled pork sandwich, went on a failed attempt to see more fireworks and made it home to go back to bed by 10pm...

Happy 4th of July from two old people! :)

Sunset on the way to dinner... Yes, this was July 3rd. We don't mess around when it comes to patriotism.

Waiting for fireworks to start...

Not too shabby for iPhone photos...

Lots of good food and so many cute kids, I can't stand it!

That's all til next year, friends!!!

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  1. ruthy ann7/9/12, 10:53 PM

    ironically, it was actually a spectacularly sunny, warm day in the PNW!

  2. Chelsea7/10/12, 8:26 AM

    WAY too fun :) Glad you had such a great 4th!

  3. Rachel7/10/12, 8:46 AM

    I skipped out on an AZ fourth this year and headed to TX. I wanted to cry when I heard there was rain! Ok, maybe I've lived here too long :)

  4. Chelsea7/10/12, 8:49 AM

    Haha naps are the best. Love your patriotic outfit- cute!

    And I had a failed attempt to see fireworks too. Oh, well!

  5. Jessi7/10/12, 1:50 PM

    We were so thankful for the rain that day! It cooled down to the 70's here!! Long enough for us to eat dinner outside on the patio without sweating. But then the clouds cleared up before dark and it was perrrrrrfect for fireworks! Looks like you guys had a really great time!

  6. Erika @ rouge + whimsy7/10/12, 1:56 PM

    so sad it rained in AZ! It was actually sunny in seattle on the 4th-- for once ;)

  7. Meg {henninglove}7/10/12, 3:50 PM

    happy belated 4th! that flag cake is so cute!! i need to make that next year for sure

  8. Lissy Moore7/11/12, 7:18 AM

    totally awesome 4th of july cake idea! :) too cute

  9. Jen | Our Happy Family7/12/12, 11:58 AM

    Such fun pictures! I was going to post the same thing... that it was fabulous up here in Seattle for the 4th, guess we switched weather!

  10. Kassi @ Truly Lovely7/12/12, 2:45 PM

    You guys rocked it compared to us! We lounged about all day, excited to have a day where we were both off work... Watched the fireworks from our backyard and went to bed! haha!

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