Jul 22, 2012

Lovely Little Things: Easy, Breezy

Summer is almost OVER! Okay, so school starts exactly a month from today... but that basically means it starts tomorrow because the next four weeks are so jam packed. I need to make sure I savor every last minute because I know it's going to fly by. Next week we leave for Seattle where we will be celebrating Micah's brother's wedding, camping with family, visiting with friends and then I will be roadtripping back to AZ with my sister. Anyway... the way I see it, these next five days are the last easy breezy days of summer. Then it's on to travel, celebrations and syllabus writing... and all that good fast-paced stuff. But here's what the slow-paced days of summer look like...

Hello français. Yes, I'm still trying to learn French for my test in October. All I know how to do is ask where the bathrooms are... Browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog was a nice distraction from my language learning one night.

Hello color. I scored all this make up from E.L.F. for $13 AFTER shipping thanks to Groupon. I wore this brightly hued outfit last week. I usually wear lots of neutrals and metallics, so this outfit was like WHOA for me!

Hello alone time at home. Reading about prayer with She Reads Truth. Just finished season two of Downton Abbey this weekend. That last ep was a tear-jerker...

Hello afternoon activities. I babysat these cute little ones a few times over the past few weeks. I had to return this basket to the store, so it hung out with me in the front seat during my errands one day and carried all my stuff. Very efficient. I might always keep a basket in my front seat. Maybe I shouldn't have taken it back...

Hello crazies. My friend Anne and and I took these two precious girls on a date this week. On the agenda: goofy costumes, ice cream, and Mirror, Mirror at the dollar theater.

Hello shopping. Every since my shopping fast in May, I haven't been in the mood to shop. Finally on Friday, I hit the town. I didn't buy a whole lot, but I did hit up the Anniversary Sale {and just might have bought leopard print jeans and a metallic shirt} and the in-studio sale at Whippy Cake. Sprinkles wasn't on the to-do list for the day, but I just couldn't pass up a free Moon Pie cupcake.

Hello date night. Micah suggested a tennis date night on Friday. We rented a ball machine and went crazy for 90 minutes. So fun. I hurt now...

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  1. Jessi7/23/12, 9:19 AM

    I love that bright colorful outfit!! It's so summery. And the basket in the car idea is actually a pretty good one. I always just have things floaty around and it drives me nuts. But maybe I just need to get one of those mom organizers for the back of one of the seats?

  2. Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren7/23/12, 11:08 AM

    Nice deal on all that makeup! New Arizona follower. Love your blog! ReplyDelete

  3. Aleyta7/23/12, 6:55 PM

    Love your to do list!! Sounds like a fun day actually :)

  4. Emily Kate7/26/12, 10:22 AM

    Your life looks so fun and cuuuute!

  5. Amber7/26/12, 5:19 PM

    Stopping by from embrace the camera! Great blog

  6. Allison7/27/12, 12:44 PM

    Great deal on the makeup! And I love your bright outfit.

  7. Claire Bone7/27/12, 2:06 PM

    I love your journalling. Hard to do sometimes, though!

  8. habecker7/27/12, 4:24 PM

    LOL to the basket thought process ;)

  9. K. Davis7/30/12, 3:28 AM

    such fun little things :)

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