Jul 17, 2012

From Jaq's Heart...

Hi friends,

I am honored to introduce my friend, Jaq, to you. She is an awesome Godly woman and today she is going to be sharing a bit of her heart...

* * * * *

7 weeks ago I decided that I needed a bit of a break. My heart was hurting hard. I felt like I was watching my life happen before my eyes and I really just needed to pull back and connect again with who and what really mattered.

Before the break I had started an amazing journey with some great women. I’m sure you’ve heard of#SheReadsTruth, and if you haven’t make sure you check it out. This whole story starts with them. Back on May 18th I started a reading plan with hundreds of other women around the world; something that has totally changed my heart. It’s something that I desperately needed even though I didn’t know it at that time. Even though I was spending time with God as often as I could I didn’t have a direction. I was just talking, hoping that he was listening. As my friend Heather puts it – I was leaving messages instead of having a conversation with God. So that first day of#SheReadsTruth I wrote on the top corner of my journal a little prayer. That prayer turned into this...

And this became so much more. From the moment I started having conversations with God instead of just leaving messages I started to hear his voice and his dreams for me loud against the background noise of the world. This is my daily prayer everytime I open my Bible or my journal.

From the amazing journey God has taken me on in the last few months my heart has been inspired. I’ve created 10 mini prints of verses or thoughts that God put on my heart and sent them off to some amazing women to tell me what they think. And today they’re telling you. 

Along with having sent a set of prints to each of these women I’m giving away 15 full sets of prints. And one of those sets will be accompanied by a journal filled with prints. Enter below for a chance to win. 

The last 7 weeks, since I took a break, have been such a huge blessing to me. God has shown me so much, and although not everything has been roses, I know that he’s doing a work in me. I don’t always understand why, or how, but I do know in my heart of hearts that my God loves me and does everything for my benefit. 

* * * * *

Jen here again. Yes, Jaq sent me her beautiful prints. I love them all, but the Philippians 4 print - think about true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable things - is my favorite, because I am all about dwelling on the lovely around here! Enter to win your own prints below!