Jul 16, 2012

The Blog Roll...

Do you ever wonder if bloggers even read blogs besides their own? I mean the big ol' bloggers who have thousands of followers... whose blogs do they actually take the time to stop and read? I know, for me, I have had to cut back quite a bit on the blogs I read over the past year because blogging itself has become too time consuming and I do have a few other responsibilities in my life such as loving my husband, managing my home, and, oh yeah, writing that dissertation...

When you first get into blogging, it seems there is a new, amazing blog around every cyber corner. Just begging to be read. The cute author. Her awesome content. Her stunning pictures. But after a while, it gets to be too much. You simply cannot keep up with every blog out there... even though there are so many great ones. Over the past year, blogs have come and gone from my blog roll, but below are the ladies that I'm pretty sure are there to stay. I love them and their blogs and I'll tell you why...

These two ladies encourage my heart and remind me why I blog. For God's glory. Not my own. Unfortunately, Darby doesn't post much these days because she always makes her three adorable children a priority over blogging, which I greatly respect, but when she does post, I can't get enough.
Naptime Diaries
Fly Through Our Window

These are my first two "blog friends." Both contacted me out of the blue to see where I live, since they are also Arizona residents. It turns out Heather lives way too far away from me {a whole TWO hours} so I don't get to see her as often as I would like. On the other hand, Jordan and I found out that we are practically next door neighbors! Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Coffee dates are totally doable for us. There are two things I love about both these girls. One is that they are grounded, realistic, funny Christian women. Okay, I know that's like four things in one, but you get what I'm saying. They are seriously the kind of girls I would choose as girlfriends, even if our blogs didn't exist. They love Jesus and have a great outlook on life. The second thing is that both these girls are fabulous writers. Honestly, some bloggers have that special spark in their writing and some don't. These girls have it.
Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Jordy Liz

Half of America is obsessed with these women. I totally get it. I mean I'm not at girl crush status and I'm not going to ask Sydney where she got her clothes on every single Instagram she posts... but I don't mind seeing bits and pieces of their lives each day. I think it's because they are both so different from me that it's fun to watch their lives and stories unfold. Sydney is sassy and Casey is sweet and I need a little more of each in my life, I think.
The Daybook
Casey Leigh

I'm not that big on blogs that are purely about fashion, but I feel like I need one in my life to keep me balanced. Kendi is that one. I like her clothes, I like her writing, and maybe someday I can go visit her shop in Texas.
Kendi Everyday

This is a sweet mom in Seattle who just might be a friend of a friend of a friend or something. All I know is one of my friends posted her creamy chicken taquitos recipe on Facebook over a year ago. I tried them, loved them and have been hooked on her blog ever since. This is not your typical food blog. You won't find fancy food pictures here or even daily posts, but when Jessie does put up new recipes they are bound to be fabulous. I'm pretty sure almost all our favorite family meals are from her blog!

You all know that I am not the artsy/crafty type. The letters DIY typically intimidate me. But everyone needs one solid design blog to follow and this is mine. It's a good mix of art, faith, and real life. I especially like that Emily lives in one of those standard new construction developments and she has done so many fabulous things to her house to make it look custom instead of cookie cutter. I love her style and her blog.
Jones Design Company

I just really love these two ladies. They are fun, funny, and I feel like we would be great friends. Maybe if I get myself a cute little baby {or baby bump... in Lindsay's case} they will let me hang out with them :)
Hello Hue
Wild and Precious

So there it is. These are the blogs I read faithfully. There are a few other blogs I check in on from time to time, and I also try to visit the blogs of my readers and followers as much as I can. But these are my main ladies... whether they know it or not. Check them out if you haven't yet. You won't regret it.


  1. ruthy ann7/17/12, 12:15 AM

    my blog list has gotten a bit unmanageable as well...I sort of do a purge every now and then from blogs i've gotten bored with and look for new ones...which is what brought me to yours! :)

  2. Ruthie Hart7/17/12, 7:36 AM

    I always wonder if those bloggers with a million followers read any blogs themselves??? how wonderful it is that the blog world has brought true friendships alive. I know I've found myself standing stronger in my faith because of encouragement from my blog sisters.

  3. Erin7/17/12, 8:27 AM

    Good post girl, I often wonder the same thing about the mega-blogs out there!!

    I really hope to have some blog friends turn real-life friends because I feel like I've connected so much with so many people already!! :)

    Thanks for posting your recommendations too, I'll be checking most of these out today!

  4. Ashley Allan7/17/12, 8:33 AM

    Great recommendations! I'm an Arizona girl too! Where abouts do you live?

  5. jennifer blair7/17/12, 9:19 AM

    I love this so much! I've wondered the same thing about big blogs! There are so dang many amazing blogs out there! It's hard to keep up...I've definitely cut back a lot too. What's funny is that most of these girls are on my list as well! Kendi is the only fashion blog I read! Oh, and Casey and Sydney...I'm get the obsession too... :)

  6. Beth @ dot...in the city7/17/12, 10:19 AM

    I need to take a tip from you and trim back on the blogs I read regularly. It's hard to keep up with so many, but several of the ones you mentioned are my must-reads too :)

  7. Lindsay @ Hello Hue7/17/12, 10:45 AM

    Ah, I love this post! It's so hard to keep up with blog reading. I feel like I need to find some new blog reads too!

    And girl, I would totally love to hug you and chat over coffee! No baby (or bump!) necessary! :)

  8. Claire @ My Devising7/17/12, 1:32 PM

    I'm a new follower. :) Loved reading your list. I, too, am not a huge reader of fashion blogs, but I love Kendi Everyday!

  9. Kassi @ Truly Lovely7/17/12, 3:32 PM

    Yep, I get these... I read a few of them too. Most of all I get what you're saying, it's hard to keep up with everyone. But I try! ;)

  10. Lisa @ MMT7/17/12, 8:34 PM

    What a great group of bloggers! Many I already read, but I want to check out a few of the other ones that I haven't read before. I think my biggest surprise with blogging is one: the relationships you build and two: how much time it takes!

  11. Heather7/27/12, 6:25 PM

    O sweet! I love you!!! Xoxo

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