Jul 3, 2012

The best day.

Happy 4th of July y'all!

It's my favorite holiday! I love the USA! Seriously, July is the best month. The 4th of July, our wedding anniversary, and this year... the Olympics! It's just so great.

To celebrate our independence, I will be hanging out in our pool with friends, eating hot dogs {100% beef; 100% American}, slathering sunscreen on myself and all the kids coming over... and maybe playing some ladder ball or croquet.

Keepin' it real. Celebrate America.


  1. PolkaDottyPlace7/4/12, 8:56 AM

    You are right! July is the best month :) My calendar has lots of birthdays, an anniversary and fun stuff going on too. Summer is pretty awesome. Sure do love your blog!!

  2. AlliFerg7/4/12, 9:14 AM

    Happy anniversary! Enjoy the hotdogs!

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