Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Monday.

I somehow went from a week of being by myself, at home, all day, working quietly, just winding down from another busy school year to a week of visitors, and all the loud/busy/fun that visitors bring with them. I've never been able to be quiet for too long, but it was lovely while it lasted. Hopefully, I will get a few more slow, silent weeks this summer with lots of loud, full weeks in between.

Hello pretty succulents. I want to find some just like you to plant at home.
Hello new guest room décor. Who wants to come visit next?

Hello Tempe Town Lake. My favorite place for a nighttime walk in Phoenix.
Hello soul detox app and shereadstruth journaling... so thankful for you.

Hello breaking in the pool this summer. My tan is coming along nicely.
Hello new ice cream sandwich shop in Tempe. It's only $2 for this delicious treat!

Hello to the first date night of summer. Here's to many more!
Hello to my baby-holding husband. Makes me melt every time!

Hello Grandma K. So glad you are visiting us this week!
Hello giant strawberries that Micah brought home from San Francisco. My favorite food!

Hello Downton Abbey. I know I'm slow to jump on the bandwagon, but I'm liking you so far...
Hello to my favorite new breakfast joint in Scottsdale.

Hello sweet Devynn. She's technically my first cousin once removed, but she's more like a niece in my heart.
Hello old clothes that seem like new! After doing 30 for 30 in May, it was strange to explore the rest of my closest when June rolled around this weekend.

What are you saying hello to this week?

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Katelyn said...

Oh my goodnes, I love these pictures! This sounds like such a great weekend!

- Katelyn

thetwistedruffle said...

the date night? the pool? the ice cream? i love it! what a great weekend!!

btw, i love your blog!!

Laura@Splendor said...

your outfit in the last post is super cute! summer date nights and lots of pool fun! my tan is coming a long slower than id like right now, but soon i have a feeling the kids and i will be at the pool 24/7 here soon!
have a great week and thanks for linking up!! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

those succulents are GORGEOUS! I keep saying I want to plant flowers but nothing lasts in this texas heat (I am sure you can relate)...and those mustache sunglassees...CLASSIC!

Jessie @ Dream and Differ said...

Welcome to the Downton fan club; careful, though, that show is addicting! Your pictures are gorgeous! Have a great week :)

Amanda said...

Loving all your pictures from the weekend!! Umm I wish I had your great sense of decor - the guest room is just fabulous!! The succulents look amazing, so does that ice cream sammy haha. Glad you had a fun wknd girlie!! xoxo

Unknown said...

ahh! that picture of micah with that adorable girl i'm obsessed with = love!

Kelly said...

That baby is SO cute!!!! AND that outfit is fantastic!

Mary said...

love your pics!
super cute blog! :)

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